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Aleksandar Ognjanovic
by Aleksandar Ognjanovic
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The capabilities of Windows Search are rather limited when it comes to professional users. If you need an in-depth local desktop search, chances are you’ll be looking for a professional utility.

One of those is Copernic Desktop Search. This is one of the best local and server search engines you’ll ever run into.

It supports over 150 file types and it covers all drives and networks on your computer. With dozen search criteria under the Refine section, you can easily pinpoint a single file with lightning speeds.

It is designed to find the most relevant information on your PC. This includes Office files, Outlook emails & attachments, text documents, and multimedia files.

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  • Image text recognition (OCR Based)
  • Multiple search fields
  • Supports search operators

As a standalone application, it creates a keyword map (index) to unlock unstructured data. You can find the cutouts of emails or content from a PDF file. Even locally stored cloud files are accessible.

The Copernic Desktop Search is a subscription-based premium tool with a variety of different packages to fit user’s needs. It’s easy to find out with the 30-day trial period, so give it a go and confirm its usability in a matter of minutes.

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