How to download Microsoft Digital Image on Windows

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  • Microsoft Digital Image was a popular tool that could help you perform edits on your digital images
  • Although obsolete, you can still install it on your Windows 10 PC if you follow a bunch of quite specific steps
  • Alternatively, you could try some of the other image editors we've included in this article
  • Check out our dedicated digital photo section if you want to find out more
download micosoft digital image on windows

Microsoft Digital Image was a rather popular digital image editing software from Microsoft. This tool has achieved great popularity due to its simplicity, but many users are concerned that this tool won’t run on Windows 10 properly.

Microsoft Digital Image was discontinued by Microsoft, and some of its features were implemented to other tools. The last version of this tool was released in 2006, and in 2007 the development of this software was permanently cancelled. Since this a rather old software, we wanted to know, can Microsoft Digital Image run on Windows 10?

Can Microsoft Digital Image run on Windows 10?

Try Adobe Lightroom as an alternative

Adobe Lightroom

Running software which has been discontinued can be dangerous, as no more security patches will be delivered and you’ll be putting yourself at risk. While you can still download and install Microsoft Digital Image on Windows 10, we highly recommend using Adobe Lightroom.

Lightroom is an industry-leading photo editor which goes hand-in-hand with Adobe Photoshop and all the other apps in the Creative Cloud. You can quickly edit RAW photos and bring back detail, change focus and much more. Most professional photographers swear by it as the best tool to do image corrections.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with Lightroom:

  • Merge photos together to create HDR panoramas and fill in uneven edges
  • Easily create and share albums
  • Add metadata to photos
  • Seamless transition between platforms, including mobile
  • Do batch editing and quickly enhance photos with the power of your GPU

=> Download Adobe Lightroom for Free

Download and install Microsoft Digital Image

Some users claim that Microsoft Digital Image can work without any problems on Windows 10, and in fact, you don’t even have to install it using a compatibility mode. To install Microsoft Digital Image on Windows 10, do the following:

  1. Download Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006
  2. Launch the setup executable and follow the instructions
  3. Authorize the UAC (User Account Control) if necessary
  4. If you’re trying to install it on a 64-bit OS, skip the error by clicking OK
  5. When you receive the MS Internet Explorer 6.0 error, do not click OK
  6. From your Start menu, click your user icon and select Sign Out
  7. Wait a few seconds, and click Cancel
  8. Click the OK button in the error dialogue
  9. The installation will now complete without an issue

Bear in mind that you’ll be installing a Starter Edition, so you might miss certain features. If you have your own copy of Microsoft Digital Image on a CD, you can use it to install the software as well.

Some users claim that Microsoft Digital Image is running without issues on Windows 10, and we can confirm that we have successfully installed Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006 by following the steps above.

If Microsoft Digital Image isn’t working on Windows 10 for you, you might have to choose an alternative solution.

We already wrote about the top 7 photo viewer software for Windows 10, and many of these tools come with built-in editing features that allow you to edit as well as view and organize your pictures.

Photos App Problems in Windows 10? This simple guide will help you to fix it

Other Alternatives

If you’re interested in image editing, the following tools might provide a solid replacement for Microsoft Digital Image.



PhotoScape is a simple image editing tool that allows you to easily edit your pictures. This tool lets you change image size, adjust brightness, contrast, remove red eyes, add text and much more. There’s also an option for Batch editing available, so you can easily edit multiple photos.

With PhotoScape you can also combine multiple pictures into one or even slice a picture into several pieces if you wish to do so. In addition, there’s an ability to create animated gifs, add frames and filters and much more. PhotoScape is a simple image editing tool with decent features, and if you were a fan of Microsoft Digital Image, you’ll have no problems adjusting to PhotoScape.

Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer


Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer is another tool similar to Microsoft Digital Image. This tool allows you to view your photos and to create slideshows. In addition, you can use Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer tool to resize or crop pictures, perform brightness and color adjustments, add text, and much more.

There’s also a batch resize feature that allows you to easily resize multiple pictures simultaneously. It’s worth mentioning that we had some minor issues with this software, but we fixed that by running the application in Compatibility mode.

Microsoft Digital Image might be discontinued, but if you have your own copy on a CD, you can try to install it on Windows 10. Alternatively, you can download and install the Starter Edition as we did. If Microsoft Digital Image doesn’t work on on your computer, feel free to try some of the alternatives that we mentioned above.

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FAQ: Learn more about Microsoft Digital Image

  • What replaced Microsoft Digital Image?

In short, nothing did. Microsoft Digital Image was the successor of Microsoft Picture It!, but it wasn’t discontinued to make room for another tool. You can replace it with many other image editors, such as GIMP.

  • Can I install Microsoft Digital Image on Windows 10 64-bit?

Yes, but you will have to follow the steps we’ve described in our article very closely. Otherwise, you’ll bump into the same error over and over again.

  • What does digital image processing mean?

Digital image processing is processing digital images through an algorithm by using a computer. You can find out more about it in our dedicated digital photo section.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2016 and has been since revamped and updated in March 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

  • I really like Microsoft Digital Image Pro (DIP) and have the last formally released version. I was using it on an old 32 bit Dell purchased in early 2009 updated to Windows 10 with no problem. But that system died. My new system also from Dell is 64 bit. DIP will not load on it. It errors out saying it needs Internet Explorer 6 and that it can’t load on a 64 bit system. One feature I really liked was DIP’s straighten picture. Click two points on a picture which should be horizontal OR vertical and it would straighten the picture and crop it as necessary to reframe it properly.
    I can tell you I’ve tried all suggestions that point to a Microsoft site and all those are long gone.
    Is there some way to force the program to load on a 64 bit system running Windows 10 or at least an app that has that simple a way to straighten pictures?

    • Interesting thing is I have my old Hard drives from the system that died installed on this system as external drives. On my old HD C; (now drive i) I found the old installation. Just now I tried to run pi.exe which I believe is the old main program for DIP. It errors out. Said it didn’t start properly.

    • I have the disc for Digital Image 2006 and didn’t have a problem installing to Windows 10. Unfortunately I recently tried to re-load it to see if the missing features would come back. I can no longer load at all. It asks for IE6 and that it can’t load a 64 bit. I am beyond disappointed. Why can’t the 2006 program be re-issued for Windows 10? It is perfect for simple and fast editing. Image Pro sounds similar.

  • if this installed on your pc i wonder why my copy of it on CD will not install. my is microsoft picture it, digital image pro- verson 7.

  • Just to say I have installed Image suite 2006 on my HP laptop and it is running as well as it did before on my old Samsung. It was installed from the original disc with no problem but I think it was loaded in compatibility mode. Thank you for making me try it before this is a super program.

  • I am trying to use Microsoft Digital Image Suite Anniversary Edition on Windows 10. I keep getting a message saying that virtual memory is low while I am trying to edit photos. I am using a new computer. Is there any updates for Microsoft Digital Image Suite Anniversary Edition that I might be missing?