2 Ways to Easily Download Twitch VODs as an Editor

There are various options for Twitch VODs like edit, download, or watch

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  • Users can cut Twitch VODs using a Twitch-integrated online video editor like Flixier.
  • The Video On Demand storage allows you to archive your stream content. It gives streamers access to broadcasts they missed.
  • There are several options for Twitch VODs users can explore like edit, download, highlight, watch, and not only.
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Twitch is a widely known interactive live-streaming platform. It houses content ranging from gaming, sports, music, entertainment, and lots more. Twitch has a few partners, the Prime and Twitch Turbo, which are used to stream on Twitch.

Most of these partners only have their broadcasts saved for 60 days, after which they are automatically deleted. However, this isn’t the same with users of other broadcasters because they only have a 14 days span to save their broadcasts. It is why users need to learn how to download Twitch VODs.

More so, a VOD (Video On Demand) is an archive of your previously streamed content on Twitch. However, it helps you to access your content without worrying about when the broadcast will delete. VODs help you build your channel. Also, it allows your audiences to catch up with content they have missed.

Furthermore, you can download Twitch VODs on your local device by following the steps in this article.

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Can you edit Twitch VODs?

There are several options for your Twitch VODs like edit, download, watch, highlight, and lots more. However, clicking the Edit option allows you to access the edit panel, where you can alter some available features.

The Edit option allows you to edit features like the Title, Description, Language, and Category of your VODs. Also, there are different ways you can edit your VODs, either by yourself or by employing an editor you trust to do it for you.

Moreover, Twitch is available in the native app and web browser versions. Nonetheless, the edit feature is available for both the Twitch app and the browser app.

Can you cut a VOD?

Twitch has a feature known as Clip. It allows you to share the best moments of your twitch broadcasts. Also, a Twitch-integrated online video editor like Flixier, allows you to cut your VODs from anywhere you want.

How can I download Twitch VODs?

1. Use Twitch’s official site

  1. Go to the Twitch homepage and select the Video Producer option.
  2. On the Video producer page, click the three dots at the top right-hand corner of the screen to prompt the Menu drop-down.
  3. Select the Download option from the drop-down. (Depending on the length of the video, the downloading process may take an extended period to start)

2. Use third-party options

There are other ways by which you can easily download your twitch VODs. You can do this by visiting websites like Untwitch as an alternative for users to download Twitch videos.

Also, you can download Twitch Leecher as it allows you to download VODs (Videos On Demand) from Twitch. This means that you can watch your favorite content anytime you want without connecting to the internet.

However, some users complain about Twitch Leecher prompting error messages. This can happen for different reasons, which is​​ why we have put together easy ways to fix the Twitch Leecher error in our guide here.

You can leave your suggestions and questions in the comments section below.

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