Twitch app vs browser performance [Useful comparison]

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  • With the release of Twitch’s mobile and desktop app, deciding between Twitch app vs browser performance can be confusing.
  • Twitch app brings a lot of flexibility to vloggers and mobile users who can watch and stream on the go.
  • Twitch web app on the browser offers better reliability, more features, and excellent viewing and streaming experience.
  • Learn more about the best medium to watch and stream to Twitch with this quick comparison guide.
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For the uninitiated, choosing between the Twitch app and browser-based web app can be confusing.

While the desktop client and mobile app offer flexibility, the browser version is still the preferred medium for many users.

In this quick comparison, we try to compare the Twitch app vs browser performance to help you find the best medium to stream Twitch content.

Alternatively, check out the best browsers to stream Twitch effortlessly if you are looking to enhance your Twitch web experience.

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How is Twitch app vs browser compared in performance?

For streamers and creators 

Twitch app vs browser

The most obvious difference between the Twitch app and browser based web app is the number of features for streamers that is missing on the mobile app.

Limited chat and stream customization features are annoying for avid streamers. The app lacks customized sound alerts for new subs, hosts, and raids in the chat.

Twitch web app, on the other hand, offers unlimited customization options, including the ones mentioned earlier. 

Intrusive ads 

Twitch app vs browser

While pre-roll ads are an integral part of Twitch streaming, browser ad blockers can help you block intrusive ads easily.

However, with the Twitch desktop or mobile app, you don’t have the luxury to use ad blockers. Even more, ads on the Twitch app cannot be skipped as of now. So you would have to wait till the ad is completed to watch the video.

Another annoying fact is that if you accidentally click out of the video and reenter, you will have to go through the pre-roll ad again.

Intrusive ad issues can be negated to an extent in the Twitch web app. There are plenty of ad blockers for browsers that can block both pre-roll and on-page ads successfully.

Accessibility and Portability 

Twitch app vs browser

The Twitch app shines when it comes to accessibility and portability. If you are a streamer, you can use the smartphone camera to stream and not be dependent on an external imaging device.

The Twitch app is a boon for vloggers who stream on the fly. While the customization options are limited and some features can be buggy, but it offers a lot of flexibility for vloggers.

Performance and experience 

Twitch app vs browser

The Twitch app does a lot of things right, especially for the vloggers who fancy streaming on the fly.

Regular users can chat with any twitch users they have added as friends, make voice and video calls, and even share your screen.

However, due to its lack of customization options and occasional performance issues, it is not ideal for game streamers. The app also lacks add-on enhancements that come with BetterTV and FrankerFaceZ add-ons.

While the Twitch app is prone to occasional glitches and performance issues, the web app of the popular streaming platform offers overall better performance to streamers and the viewers. 

Which one should I choose?

The Twitch app offers flexibility to the users who want to watch streams and vloggers on the go. It also comes with voice chatting, text, and video calling options.

However, if you are a streamer who streams from home or office, the Twitch web app on browser offers more features and reliability than the mobile app.

And if you don’t want to be forced to watch ads even with a Prime account, the web app can be paired with an ad blocker extension to get rid of intrusive ads. 

As you can see, the decision comes down to your specific situation, depending on what you value most in your day-to-day experience of using Twitch.

Feel free to share you opinions with us by using the comment section below.