Downloaded fonts not showing up in Silhouette Studio? Here’s a quick fix

by Farhad Pashaei
Farhad Pashaei
Farhad Pashaei
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  • Silhouette Studio is a free design software that best serves crafters because of its integrations with Silhouette Machines.
  • You can install every font on your computer into Silhouette Studio.
  • If downloaded fonts are not showing up in Silhouette Studio, you need to go to local app data and install each font for all users.
  • Font extras are a part of the font’s glyphs accessible inside Silhouette Studio’s Text Style panel.

If you are a crafter, chances are you have faced downloaded fonts not showing up in Silhouette Studio. It is frustrating, but the good news is that it is easily fixable.

Silhouette Studio is a free design application that lets crafters and designers create craft projects. Due to easy integration with Silhouette cutting machines, crafters can easily bring their projects to life.

In this article, we will go over the steps you need to take to fix downloaded fonts not showing up in Silhouette Studio.

How can I install fonts in Silhouette Studio?

  1. First, make sure your Silhouette Studio is not open.
  2. Download your desired font to your computer then, unzip it. Download and unzip a font
  1. Following that, find the OTF or TTF version of the font. Install it in your Windows Font Viewer or other font management software on your PC by double-clicking on it and choosing Install.Install the font
  1. Use the text tool from the left-side panel and type something.Use text tool and type something
  1. Afterwards, select the text and open the Text Style panel.Select text and open text style panel
  1. Finally, type the name of the font into the font search box and click on it to change the font style.

Silhouette Studio can use any font that you have downloaded on your PC.

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What can I do if downloaded fonts are not showing up in Silhouette Studio?

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Next, type %localappdata% into the dialog box and hit Enter.Open localappdata
  3. Open the Microsoft folder.Open Microsoft Folder
  4. Then, open the Windows folder. Open Windows Folder
  5. Afterwards, open the Fonts folder. Open Fonts Folder
  6. Right-click on every font and choose the Install for All Users option.

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How can I access glyphs manually in Silhouette Studio?

  1. Go to the Start menu, type Character Map, and hit Enter.Open Character Map
  1. Then, select the font you want to work with, check the box for Advanced View, and change the Group By to Unicode Subrange.Check advanced views and group by unicode subrange
  1. Following that, choose Private User Characters. All those small characters are your glyphs. Clicking on them will bring up a larger preview.
  2. Click on the ones you want and one-by-one, click on Select. They will be present in the Characters to copy area.
  3. Click on the Copy button to copy these special glyphs to the clipboard.
  4. Then, go back to Silhouette Studio and paste the glyphs into the design area.
  5. Click on the little boxes like a normal font. Then, select the font you will use from the fonts available in the Text Style menu.

It is best to upgrade your Silhouette Studio at least to Designer Edition and run the V4.1 to access glyphs manually.

Font extras are covered in as a part of the font’s glyphs and you can access them directly within Silhouettes Studio’s Text Style panel.

Text styles are important for Silhouette Stadio users, and if you’re new to the program, you should understand the differences between Monogram Font and Monogram Cut File.

Monogram Cut Files are designs that cannot be altered by typing with your keyboard.

However, Monogram Fonts are font files that have access to multiple letters and can be modified by typing on the keyboard via the Text Tool.

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