Best Drawing App for Surface Pro: Top 5 of 2023

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  • With so much digital art software to choose from, picking the best drawing software for Microsoft Surface cannot be straightforward.
  • Adobe has some of the best drawing apps for Surface Pro, Book 2, and Surface Go tablets.
  • So, What app do you use to draw on Surface Pro? How about Surface Go? Check out our selection right here.

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The Surface Go, Pro, and Book are 2-in-1 tablets you can utilize with stylus pens. Since many utilize these devices for digital art, wanting to find the best Surface Go 2 drawing apps or the best drawing apps for Surface Pro makes total sense.

In fact, this is far from being a novelty as users have been searching for the best software for drawing tablets for a while now.

However, brands such as Huion, Gaomon, XP Pen, or Wacom seem to be preferred both by aspiring and consecrated digital artists. So, where does that leave our Surface devices?

Can you use the Surface Go 2 for drawing? How about the Surface Pro? If so, what app do you use to draw on Surface Pro? These are all legitimate questions that we shall try to address accordingly.

Is a Microsoft Surface good for drawing?

Users can draw more naturally with the stylus Surface Pens than with laptop mouse controls.

So, many digital artists love Microsoft Surface devices. However, it’s the great digital art toolkits included within the Surface tablets’ best drawing software that really enable artists to unleash their creativity.

These are some of the best drawing software for Microsoft Surface devices:

Software nameBrushes and pencil libraryKey feature
Adobe PhotoshopBest drawing app for Surface Go 3 & 2
One-click edits
Adobe IllustratorBest digital art software for Surface Pro
Background remover
Clip Studio Paint3D, AI, Animation-capable
Various style brushes
Corel PainterEnhance painting responsiveness by reducing brush lag
Concept art drawing

What app can I use to draw on my Surface?

Adobe Photoshop – Best drawing app for Surface Go 3 & 2 (raster-based)

Adobe Photoshop - Best Painting Software

The world’s favorite image editor is also top-notch graphics & design software for painting and drawing.

Adobe Photoshop users can draw with its flexible Pen Tool, shape options, pencil and pen brushes, or the Freeform Pen utility. So, Photoshop offers almost limitless creative scope.

Adobe Photoshop includes more than 1,000 paint, pencil, pen, and marker brushes among others. Its users can create new pencil and pen brushes for illustrations via Photoshop’s Brush Settings panel.

There are also many custom brush packs available for download on numerous websites.

Adobe Photoshop also incorporates five pen tools for drawing. Users can draw naturally with the Freeform Pen Tool.

Its standard Pen utility enables users to draw lines and curves more precisely with anchor point paths. With those tools, users can manipulate path outlines in many ways to modify vector shapes.

Other useful features:

  • Photoshop’s Layer palette enables users to draw in layers
  • Includes 3D tools for animating three-dimensional models
  • Enables users to draw and paint symmetrically with symmetric options
  • Users can turn pictures into animations with Photoshop’s video layers

Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Illustrator – Best digital art software for Surface Pro (vector-based)

Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard application for vector artwork and the best digital art software for Surface Pro and Go.

If you need to lay down designs with more technical drawings generated from mathematical formulas, then this is the perfect drawing app for you.

With Illustrator, you can draw designs for logos, product packaging, billboards, icons, and much more.

It includes about 20 drawing tools with various types of shapes and unique effects. Its anchor point Pen tool is similar to Photoshop’s one, allowing users to draw as they would on paper with the Pencil utility.

Graphics designers will also greatly appreciate Illustrator’s Perspective Grid feature with 3 different presets.

Other useful features:

  • Enables users to generate large-scale art on a 100x canvas
  • Includes a pixel grid for aligning objects
  • Users can select a Scribble effect on Illustrator’s Stylize menu
  • Illustrator’s Adobe Color Themes panel provides appealing color combinations

Adobe Illustrator

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Clip Studio Paint – 3D, AI, Animation – Ideal for drawing on Surface Pro 7

The Clip Studio Paint software has had many rave user reviews. Users love CSP’s natural brush behavior, customizable brushes, and animation features.

This software is especially good for manga and comic drawing, but it’s suitable for a wide range of digital art.

Clip Studio Assets provides users with thousands of brush presets and other drawing materials. Users can directly download and import pencil and pen brush preset from the CSA community into their software.

Or they can set up custom brushes with Clip Studio Paint’s customization settings.

Clip Studio Paint also includes dedicated tools for comic creation. It incorporates numerous manga tools for adding speech balloons, effect lines, backgrounds, and frame borders to comic drawings.

The 3D manga-style figures CSP users can import to canvases are also handy reference materials for comic art. Users can also bring their pictures to life with Clip Studio’s Paint animation tools.

Other useful features:

  • Users can adjust tablet pen pressure via CSP’s Adjust pen pressure window
  • Enables users to draw with vector layers
  • Include AI-created coloring support
  • It supports the Kindle and EPUB e-book formats for digital books
  • CSP provides 3D previews for page layouts

Clip Studio Paint

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Corel Painter – Enhance painting responsiveness by reducing brush lag

Corel Painter is a complete digital arts studio for painting and drawing. Don’t be fooled by Painter’s title, as this software has an advanced toolkit for drawing as well as painting.

It boasts brush, color, and compositional tools few other digital art software can match.

Painter’s library of more than 900 brushes includes more than enough pens, pencils, liquid ink, and markers for illustrators to draw with. Users can also customize selected brushes to set up their own variants.

There are also handy compositional tools included in Corel Painter. Users can divide canvases with layout grids. Painter’s mirror and kaleidoscope tools enable users to draw and paint symmetric patterns.

With Painter’s Divine Proportion tool, users can also establish focal areas in their pictures.

The most unique Corel Painter feature, however, is its Brush Accelerator. The Brush Accelerator is a performance optimizer that chooses optimal settings for your PC’s hardware.

That feature enhances Painter’s drawing and painting responsiveness by reducing brush lag.

Other useful features:

  • Enables users to design mosaics from scratch or sources
  • Includes a Harmonies panel that displays effective color combinations
  • Corel Paint users can apply 12 AI styles to images
  • Users can select different paper textures for canvases

Corel Painter

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Those are some of the best drawing packages for Surface devices to take your pick from.

Those digital art applications are optimized for drawing with Surface tables and include advanced creative tools few other software can match.

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