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Download Corel Painter for Windows

DesignApplication / Free trial / Windows 10, Windows 7 /
Download now €424.95

Corel Painter is one of the most powerful and popular digital art software solutions out there. It offers you a wide palette (pun intended) of features you can use to achieve high-quality, stunning results. It’s also one of the best drawing software to use with XP-Pen.

From brush packs, artist-favorite brushes and blenders to stencils, particles, and patterns, Corel Painter has it all. It lets you work with layers, includes perspective guides and even lets you use textures within your projects.

Corel Painter’s system requirements

If you’re no stranger from digital art software solutions, you probably know that they can be pretty resource-hogging. However, let’s not jump to conclusion just yet and take a look at the system specs.

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit) or 7 (64-bit) with the latest updates
  • CPU
    • Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor, equivalent or newer
    • 4 physical cores or 8 logical cores, or higher
    • AVX2 instruction set support
  • Graphics card: OpenCL 1.2-capable graphics card
  • Memory: minimum of 2 Gb RAM (8 Gb recommended)
  • Space: about 1.2 Gb of HDD space (SSD recommended)
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800 @ 100% or higher minimum (1920 x 1200 @ 150% or higher recommended)
  • Peripherals: a mouse or drawing tablet
  • Optical drive: a DVD drive for box installation
  • Software
  • Internet connection: required to activate the product

Notice that Corel Painter makes no exception. Meaning that your workstation will need to stand the heat, as Corel Painter can pack a serious punch. However, given the plethora of features that it comprises, it’s no wonder that it has rather high system requirements.


Our Review

Accurate simulation of traditional painting media
A huge selection of paint-related features
Discovery Center lets you learn more intuitively
A bit expensive
Rather slow on non-high-end systems

How to install Corel Painter

Depending on your Internet connection, installing Corel Painter can take anywhere from a few minutes to almost half an hour or more. It’s worth mentioning that this tool doesn’t feature a standard setup installer. Instead, it offers you a downloader tool, which fetches installation files and then proceeds with the setup.

However, the actual setup operation is something anyone could handle, including PC novices. You don’t need to take any complicated configuration steps during installation. The built-in wizard makes sure that it handles everything that doesn’t require your confirmation. You might be asked to define the destination path and toggle shortcut creation, but that’s it.

Sleek user interface with a lot of controls

If it’s the first time you’re getting anywhere near a digital art tool, you might feel overwhelmed. Corel Painter provides you with an extensive collection of tools, presets, filters, textures, and such.

Therefore, you might need to take your time to explore everything that Corel Painter has to offer. This way, you won’t be able to miss out on its features, tools, effects, or even configuration options.

Corel Painter brushes, paint, shapes

If you’re really into making things “yours,” you’re in for a treat. Corel Painter has an extensive configuration window that you can use to personalize the program to your liking. You can adjust general settings, but also options related to brushes, thick paint, interface, performance, shapes, and cloning.

For instance, you can set the tool to record scripts automatically, define what tooltips should display by default, create backups every time you save, toggle a “save warning” option, choose your favorite theme for the app, select your preferred units for the workspace, and even adjust tablet settings.

Corel Painter FAQ

  • How to get rid of Corel Painter popup?

A most pressing matter for most users, Corel Painter’s popup tray messages can be easily disabled. All you have to do is:

  1. Launch the app
  2. Access Message Preferences from the Help menu
  3. Choose the “Do not show me tray messages […]” option from the dropdown menu
  • Is Corel Painter vector-based?

Partially. Corel Painter is a raster graphics editor that lets you work mainly with bitmaps. However, you can also work with shapes, which are vector objects. For better compatibility with vector-based images, check out the best vector graphics software for Windows.

  • What is Corel Painter?

You can use Corel Painter to draw, paint and design prints, as well as to create abstract art. Corel Painter aims to simulate the behavior and looks of traditional painting media as accurately as possible.

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Corel Painter

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