Microsoft Edge to support InPrivate search in Bing

by Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft Edge to feature built-in InPrivate search in Bing
  • Smart copy, third-party tracking prevention, and darkweb password security are also coming to Edge.
  • As Microsoft Edge rolls out to users, it gets new exciting features. Checkout our Edge section for major updates on the browser.
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If you are an Edge user, you will soon be able to browse the web and search with Bing without leaving a single footprint.  That is one of a host of family-centric features that Microsoft promised to add to the new Chromium-based browser.

InPrivate search in Bing

InPrivate is Edge’s equivalent of incognito. The feature is ideal for families that share desktops. It ensures the complete deletion of your browsing history, cookies, and site data once you are done browsing.

Other browsers also support incognito browsing. But Microsoft said that Edge has the feature incorporated into Bing, enhancing search privacy.

In addition, Microsoft Edge is the only desktop browser that offers built-in InPrivate search with Bing. So, when I’m browsing in InPrivate mode, my searches aren’t tied to me or my account.

Only insiders can explore InPrivate search in Bing in the meantime. But Microsoft said that the feature is coming to the Stable channel soon.

The Redmond tech giant already suspended updates to Edge due to the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on its operations.

Other new Edge features include:

Third-party tracker blocking

The web is getting smarter day by day. You visit a website, and the ads you see are for items you are considering buying or have bought in the past.

It sometimes gets creepy, and you start wondering who is really monitoring your online activity. Microsoft Edge will soon offer the option to block third-party trackers, especially from website you have not directly visited.

Password protection

Microsoft announced the availability of Password Monitor in Edge. The feature secures your credentials against threats that lurk behind the dark web.

The dark web is usually difficult for ordinary users to access. So if somebody has stolen and is selling your password there, you just cannot tell. Fortunately, the advanced password security feature will be doing the legwork on your behalf.

Edge will be penetrating darknet markets and notifying you if it finds a password and username that matches your browser’s saved credentials. You may then change those details to secure any affected accounts.

Other new features include smart copy and Immersive Reader for Edge users with reading disabilities. There is also smart copy, a time-saver, and vertical tabs that enable you to work more efficiently.

All these unique additions indicate that Microsoft is not done developing Edge into a browser that outshines Chrome and Firefox in key areas. The browser’s ability to block cryptominers is an important differentiator too.




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