Farm millions of Elden Ring Runes in record time

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • As most of you know, the biggest nightmare of an Elden Ring player is constant lack of Runes.
  • Not only are these Runes the game's actual currency, but you also level up by gathering them.
  • However, players report its increasingly hard to advance the game if you don't have enough.
  • We can show you how to gather over 2 million runes in just one hour, with a quick farm guide.
elden ring runes

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What is the most valuable asset in Elden Ring? Many will say that the rewards dropped by defeated bosses are, in fact, it.

Yes, we can all agree that getting that new piece of armor and adding another notch to your belt is pretty valuable, but it still isn’t what you should focus on, especially early-game.

As a matter of fact, gamers that already deciphered Elden Ring understood that without runes you simply can’t advance or level up, therefore making them the most valuable asset.

A lot of Elden Ring players have been complaining about the lack of runes and the hard time they have to advance because of this.

Runes are the main currency of Elden Ring, and much like Souls in previous souls titles, Runes act as the XP and purchase currency at vendors within The Lands Between.

Players can actually lose their Runes upon death, and a bloodstain is generated at the place of defeat. Returning to this place and reclaiming your runes will allow you to re-acquire them.

However, if you perish a second time before getting there, the Runes will be lost forever and you’ll have a much harder time besting your foes.

How can I get more runes in Elden Ring?

Rune farming has been quite a discussed topic during these last few weeks, as players wanted to go know exactly where they have to go and what they have to do in order to obtain more runes.

There are ways in which you can farm literally millions of runes in mearly a few hours, provided you know how the process works.

Gamers also reporting losing a lot of runes in Stormveil Castle, because of an NPC named Gatekeeper Gostoc, that actually steals Runes from you.

Any Elden Ring players that want their stolen runes back simply need to kill Gatekeeper Gostoc to claim them. 

We’re about to show you one of the fastest way to get Runes, a process that can ammount to 2.4 million Runes per hour, if you are fast enough.

  1. Obtain the Golden Scarab item in-game.golden scarab
  2. Return to the first in-game Point of Grace and inspect the message, after defeating Godrick.point of grace elden ring
  3. Return to the Rose Church, talk to the NPC and complete a small questline. Elden Ring Rose Church
  4. Obtain the Pureblood’s Knight Medal and use it to teleport to Mohgwyn Pallace to begin the farm.pureblood knight medal
  5. Locate a point of Grace nearby, to make it easier to respawn and keep farming.lost grace elden ring
  6. Keep killing the big cluster of mobs next to the Point of Grace repeatedly. farm runes elden ring

By repeatedly killing these NPCs, you can get 2000, or even 2400 souls, if you have the Golden Scarab. How’s that for some pretty easy and efficient farming?

Have you managed to increase your Elden Ring Rune farm output? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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