6 best email clients to send out great newsletters

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  • Sending out newsletters is a great way to get your company noticed.
  • That is why we compiled a list of the best email software that can send out newsletters effectively.
  • We've included entries such as Mailbird, eM Client, Omnisend, and others.
  • Read more details below about the best newsletter software, and make your pick
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In the past, if you wanted to share information with a group of people, or start an ad campaign, you would have to do it the old school way.

You could buy some ad space in a newspaper, or print and giving away flyers. Fortunately, today we have other options available.

Weather you want to let your friends and family know how things are lately, or if you own a company and need to send bulk emails with promotions, having a reliable email client installed on your PC is a must.

There are two ways of creating an efficient email campaign for your products. You could use an email client software to create a template, and then manually add every email address from your address book into the BCC field, or, a more efficient way would be to use specialized email marketing software.

In the case of using the BCC field to add recipients manually ,some applications are limited to a specific number, for example in Gmail, you can only add up to 100 recipients.

Using the second option – specialized software– allows you not to worry about any recipient limits at all, and the advantage is that you can easily create great looking emails and share it with thousands of people in one click.

In this article, we will explore some of the best email client software options that can send marketing emails through both of the ways presented above.

Which is the best email software to create amazing newsletters?


Mailbird is a very useful tool to have when you want to start an email campaign to share information about your new project, art fair, or share personal information with your loved ones.

Even though Mailbird doesn’t have specific features that deal with creating email campaigns, it offers you all the tools you need in order to do so.

You can use this software to sort through your email database easily, connect multiple email accounts to it, and you can also backup your emails and important data to your computer’s hard drive or other external storage devices.

Mailbird has full support for touch screen devices, and you can access its built-in search tool. This tool allows you to easily find any email you need, by using different search options.

You can search the entire database by the colour code of each email, text contained inside, email address, folders, etc.

In order to streamline your marketing campaign even more, you can also set custom keyboard shortcuts for any of the processes that you repeat often.

One other very useful feature is the fact that you can use this software to easily reply by using the quick access screen (pop-up).

Everything is wrapped up nicely in a good looking and easy to understand user interface that can also automatically detect the language in which an email is written, and automatically translate it to your language.



Mailbilrd is one of the best third-party email clients on the market. Try it today and see for yourself why!

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eM Client

eM Client is another great software option that can help you create email marketing campaigns, has a very user friendly interface, and offers a great set of added features.

This software integrates perfectly with other email clients like Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, etc., and allows you to easily transfer calendars, contacts, etc.

Here are some of the most important features of eM Client:

  • Great security features with PGP encryption
  • Can automatically translate emails from other languages
  • Integrated chat app compatible with other similar services
  • Can schedule delayed sending of specific emails

The free version of this software allows you to use maximum 2 email accounts, and if you want a bit more than that, you can always get the Pro version which also offers VIP support and commercial licensing rights.

Compared to Mailbird’s ability to send bulk emails, eM Client uses another more simple strategy. These are the steps you need to take :

  • Write down all the email addresses that you want to send an email to, in the ‘To’ field
  • Type in the subject of your email in the specific line
  • Type the information inside the body of the email
  • Then click on ‘File’, and select ‘Send as mass mail’.

By using this strategy, you will be able to send an email to all the people you typed into the ‘To’ field, and allows you to keep the information of who you’re sending the information to, private.

Another trick to use when dealing with marketing campaigns in eM Client, would be to create a distribution list. These lists help you to streamline the adding of email addresses, by acting like a contacts template.

You create your specific distribution list, including all the people in one group you want to market to, save it, and then every time you want to send information out to a set of your customers, you can do that with just a few clicks.

To create a distribution list, you can follow these steps :

  1. Click on ‘File’, then hover your mouse over the ‘New’ button.
  2. A pop-up list will appear on the screen, and you will have to choose the ‘Distribution List’ option.
  3. Another tiny window will open, that will allow you to create new lists by clicking on the ‘Add New’ button.
  4. Now you can copy-paste, or manually enter every address from that group, and hit save.

After all these steps are complete, you will be able to easily add a distribution list to your ‘To’ field, and send bulk emails instantly.

eM Client

eM Client

Newsletters are a great way to make yourself known throughout the online community. Do it well using eM Client.

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Sales numbers are based on several factors, among which we can mention the quality of your products and services, and just how visible you are to the general public.

If you already have your product on point, and would like to improve the latter, then you could definitely make use of an easy-to-use platform for ecommerce email marketing, SMS and automation like Omnisend.

Omnisend is a bit of a different entry on our list, since it is the most newsletter-focused service among the entries, but it isn’t exactly an email client per-se either.

The core aspect of this tool is that it includes automations upon automations that heaviily focus on cart abandonments, welcome series, transactional emails and more.

However, the reason why Omnisend made it to this list is because it has tools that let you better target your potential buyers based on shopping behavior, and this in turns translates into better personalized newsletters.

Lastly, Omnisend allows you to pre pretty much on all communications channels thanks to its ability to include SMS messages along with your emails, so you can get to your audience even when they’re offline.

The program is available in multiple pricing plans, among which we’d also like to mention the free one that gives you support for up to 15.000 monthly emails via email campaigns, sign-up forms, boxes, pop-ups, and reports.



Omnisend guarantees personalized and relevant newsletters that will increase the sales of any business.

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ActiveCampaign - email clients for sending newsletters

ActiveCampaign is a very powerful email newsletter app and also has built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features as well.

The wide range of features contained in this software covers all your email marketing needs, helps you gather information from your customers to market to them more efficiently, and also gives you incredible customization options.

There are a wide range of features found in this software. Besides the email marketing tools, you can also send instant messages – so you can reach your audience no matter where you find them online, and use sales CRM with automation – allows you to automate the lead prioritization process.

We will now focus on the most important aspects of this software, in this case, being the ability to cover all your email marketing needs, without having to use any third-party software.

Here is a more detailed overview of the email marketing features found in ActiveCampaign:

1. Email Marketing

  • Email Segmentation – personalize the way you interact with your clients through email by changing the way the email looks, and its content. This increases the engagement of your leads or clients.
  • Subscription Forms – as soon as the possible client subscribes, you can collect information from their profile and follow up on that information instantly
  • Dynamic Content – you can modify the text, images in an email to fit perfectly with the group of people you’re trying to reach
  • Split Testing – allows you to gather information regarding your contact’s engagement with your emails, clicked links, etc.

2. Marketing Automation

  • Site Tracking – this feature gives you valuable information relating to what products or services your contacts are interested in. This, of course, gives you the power to adapt your newsletters to the gathered information, and to convert more customers to leads
  • Event Tracking – gathers information about what your customers are doing in your application, or on your website
  • Automation Goals – set automated responses based on what actions your customer takes
  • Automation Map – allows you to see the efficacy of your automation process in all departments
  • Attribution – gives you important information relating to what is the most important changes you need to apply for better results – SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • Split Action – this feature allows you to adapt your already created automation lists to suit other customers, without needing to start from scratch every time.

ActiveCampaign versions

The Lite version of ActiveCampaign gives you access to a fully-featured email editor that allows you to create incredible looking newsletters. This software is built around the idea that it is far more efficient to adapt your newsletters to your contacts list, and not the other way around.

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This helps you create meaninful marketing campaigns that are personalized to the preferences of your clients.

ActiveCampaign Lite also comes with marketing automation features, to allow you to save time and be more efficient.

The paid versions of ActiveCampaign contain all the features found in the Lite version, and also adds the CRM module, sales automation, and the ability to get scores from your contacts and leads.

If you want to see specifically what features are included in every version of this software, you can simply visit the official ActiveCampaign version webpage.

Download ActiveCampaign


MailChimp - email for newsletters

MailChimp started out as an attempt to make email sending a bit less dull than it has to be. And it managed to do that.

But in time, this software evolved into an incredibly powerful suite of tools that cover all aspects of email newsletter creation and automated marketing capabilities.

In order to start using MailChimp, you just need to download it, make an account, and then import your contacts lists from any email provider you use.

After the import is done, you can choose from a wide range of email templates designed specifically to fit email marketing campaigns.

You also have the freedom to edit them in any way you want, drag and drop images inside, change fonts and tables, etc.

Before sending the emails out, you can also use the Inbox Preview option, which allows you to see an example of how your email will look in different email apps.

This way you can make sure that every customer will get a professional-looking email that represents your company fully.

If you don’t already have a customer base, and you would like to get one, MailChimp offers you a great looking landing page that helps you build a great looking website to host your newsletter, or just create and share and online form that people can use to sign up.

The automation tools found in MailChimp also allow you to automate the sending of a lot of types of emails – welcome messages, shopping cart reminders, birthday emails, etc.

You can also schedule the bulk sending of emails, adapted to the time-zone of your clients.

One of the most useful features found in MailChimp is the ability to generate detailed reports for each of your campaigns.

This way you can easily understand what strategy worked best, and how to adapt so you get even better results.

MailChimp versions

The Free version of MailChimp allows you to get your business started, offering you a great array of tools that cover the basic needs of every email marketing campaign:

  • Supports up to 2000 subscribers
  • Can send up to 12.000 emails per month
  • Supports multi-user accounts
  • Can create email campaigns and landing pages
  • Marketing automation options
  • Can recommend products based on your experience
  • Automation options based on the data you collected
  • Can create basic reports

The paid versions of MailChimp contain all the features found in the Free edition, and adds a wide range of other useful features. For both the Grow and Pro version, you get unlimited subscribers and an unlimited number of emails per month.

For a more professional look, you can also remove the MailChimp footer, allows you access to premium support, and also unlocks the ability to send emails by Time Zone, advanced segmentation, and comparative reports.

If you want to see a full list of all the features found in MailChimp for each version, you can visit the official pricing page.

Try MailChimp


MailUp - email newsletters

MailUp is a more lightweight alternative to the email marketing software options we presented above, but still has an incredible array of useful features.

You can use this software to send newsletters, automated messages conditioned by custom elements, and even create blog digests.

To be sure that a marketing campaign is efficient, it has to cover other areas of engagement other than email.

That’s why, with MailUp you can also send receipts, and SMS messages, and social network updates, all from one simple and easily understandable user interface.

Even though there are quite a few options available for marketing your products online by using MailUp, the most important is still the email marketing options.

One of the best features found in MailUp is the fact that you can customize the way your emails look to the finest detail by using the drag-and-drop editor.

MailUp versions

MailUp Web Edition offers you an unlimited number of subscribers, allows you to create 1 list, can create 3 email and SMS triggers, and allows you to connect 3 social accounts.

This version also contains predesigned email templates, a drag and drop editor, and unlimited data storage.

The paid versions of this app, contain all the features found in the Web edition, with other great additions. Here are some of them:

MailUp Pro

  • Can create 10 ore more lists
  • Up to 100 email and SMS triggers
  • Can generate up to 12 advanced reports
  • SMTP+
  • Custom domain and full white-labeling
  • Priority support

MailUp Enterprise

  • Can create an unlimited number of lists
  • Unlimited number of triggers
  • Unlimited number of social accounts connected
  • Can generate up to 24 advanced reports
  • Offers great attachments support
  • Data restoring capabilities

If you want to see a full list of all the features compared by the version pf MailUp they are found in, you can visit the official pricing page.

Try MailUp

In this article, we explored some of the best email clients that allow you to create beautiful looking email marketing campaigns.

No matter if you want to use your normal email account to send bulk emails, or you feel that you need specific professional-level tools, this article covers your needs.

In the first part of the article, we explored mail clients that can send bulk messages easily but do not have any other marketing tools. In the second part of this article, we explored some of the more capable email clients with specific marketing campaign features.

We would love to know what option you chose and how did it work out for your email campaigns. Please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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