5 Best Email Tracking Software [2023 Guide]

Email tracking is an excellent tool for marketing

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  • Email tracking tools are a great way of making sure everyone gets your emails.
  • The guide below will act as a listing of the best email trackers currently on the market.
  • They will provide great insights on your email marketing campaigns.
email tracking software

Email tracking tools are useful for providing essential insights and features including announcing you know when the recipient opened your sent emails and if any of the links included in them were clicked on, among other things.

We picked the most reliable email tracking tools available to make your choice easier. Check out their features and decide which is the best choice for your needs.

What os the email tracking software used for?

Email tracking software is an essential tool for marketing. A good tool should provide insightful information about your campaigns and help you measure their efficiency.

It will provide answers on who opened your emails and even which links they clicked on, their location on a world map, and more.

The software listed below is also useful when considering the following criteria:

  • Outlook email tracking – Outlook is just another email client, and all of the entries listed can efficiently track its emails.
  • Free email tracking softwareAll of the listed tools have some form or another of a free subscription service, so you don’t need to worry about expenses.
  • Best email trackingIt goes without saying that all tools listed here are the best in their field.
  • Software for Gmail – Just like in the case of Outlook, all of the listed programs can track Gmail emails

We’ve listed all their meaningful features below so you can make the right decision in choosing the perfect solution for you.

What are the best email tracking tools?

Atomic Email Tracking Software – Great email campaign management

Atomic Email Tracking Software allows you to monitor your sent emails, letting you know who received the email, what links were clicked on, what is the effectiveness compared to the previous campaigns, and more.

Atomic Email Tracking Software allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Using this tool, you will always know which subscribers read your newsletters and which of the links are being clicked on.

This service is easy to use even for beginners, and it doesn’t require any changes in the existing mailings.

Check out more features provided by Atomic Email Tracking Software:

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  • Traces all sent emails and gathers the statistics about your email campaigns
  • Access data on email opens, click-throughs, pages that were visited, and more
  • View the percentage of your recipients who open your email messages
  • Learn how often they click the links and which links are clicked mostly in a selected mail campaign
  • Check the proportion of readers from abroad and from your country
  • Compare the different parameters of two campaigns

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Contact Monkey – Various integration with CRM software

Contact Monkey is an email tracking software that is great to use when you are looking to track and monitor sales leads.

This software will be able to integrate with CRMs like Salesforce for the best sales potential.

Contact Monkey works in real-time, and this means that you will never miss an opportunity to see who is really interested in your business.

You can use Contact Monkey straight from your Inbox, and this will make things more convenient. The tool has a 14-day free trial.

Check out the best of its features below:

  • See who opened your email, when, where from, and what type of device they used
  • It provides desktop notifications when the email is opened
  • Prioritize users according to the number of times that they have opened your email.
  • Realtime analytics

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Yesware Great Outlook integration

Yesware is one of the most used tools when it comes to email tracking. It is an excellent program for SMBs, and it lets you perform all kinds of actions from tracking emails from clients to optimizing sales.

The program comes with a user-friendly interface that will be easily understood and used even by beginners.

Other great features worth mentioning include email templates, automatic follow up for sales automation, and also tools for scheduling so that your emails will be able to be distributed whenever you choose to.

Yesware provides a 28-day free trial, and after this trial is over, you will get various pricing plans.

Let’s go through some if its best features:

  • When you are creating a message, you will be able to choose whether to track it or not
  • Load emails automatically into the CRM program that you are using
  • You see who opened the email, what links were clicked on, and which attachments have been downloaded
  • Access all the information via the dashboard of your email account
  • Great integration with Microsoft Outlook

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GetNotify – Simple and effective

GetNotify is a free email tracking tool, but on the other hand, they request donations that will allow you to unlock more features for a specified period of time.

Even if this program is quite simple, it comes with a lot of features for email tracking.

You will also have the ability to use your own image file as a tracking image. This is great because you can choose an image that you like best, such as an email signature, for instance, to increase the odds that users will click to load it.

Take a look at some of its key features:

  • Find out the amount of time that was needed until the email was read
  • Get the date and time that your email was opened and reopened
  • General geographic location that your email was opened in
  • W with any email provider, and it can track multiple leads

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Cirrus Insight – Great for CRM

Cirrus Insight is an excellent paid email tracking software that will turn out to be helpful for small and medium businesses.

The solution enables replay tracking, and it also makes it really easy to schedule follow-ups thanks to the complete Salesforce integration.

This software also comes with an enterprise scheduling system that will make meeting coordination easy.

Check out more details on Cirrus Insight and take advantage of this great tool for email tracking by getting it from the official website.

Take a look at the most important features that are included in this email tracking tool:

  • Track emails and sync them with your calendar and Salesforce
  • Book meetings and schedule follow-ups
  • Receive open alerts almost instantly when your emails are opened
  • Manage collateral usage and track the way that prospects engage with it
  • Keep your team aligned with a centralized content hub
  • Update and take back documents even after you sent them

Get Cirrus Insight

These are some of the best email tracking programs that you will be able to find on the market these days.

Check out their complete set of features by heading to their official websites and deciding which ones work best according to your needs.

You should also check our list of the best marketing tools for startups because you might find some interesting apps for your organization.

No matter what job position or industry you are in, an email tracking tool will turn out really useful most of the time.

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