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  • Some users reported that an error occurred while updating Steam games and it usually manifests by showing a message on your desktop.
  • The first thing you should do is clear Steam Download Cache.
  • Verifying the integrity of Steam Files proved to solve this annoying error in several cases.
  • If an error occurred while updating Steam games, you'll probably need to change the download folder and region.
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Steam offers automatic updates for the installed games. However, you may sometimes encounter an error while installing or updating a game, and Steam will display the following message:

An error occurres while updating [game title].

Even though there are a few variations to this exact error, the underlying message is the same, which is that you will not be able to run the game.

This can of course be very frustrating, especially if you had some save games from the previous version of the game, or in case you have been waiting for this title to drop for quite some time.

Dealing with the issue will take you through a list of methods, and because the internet is full of these elements, we’ve taken the time to choose some of the best methods that have been proven to work by actual users just like you.

This is a common Steam error and here are a couple of ways to troubleshoot this error on the Windows system.

What causes this issue on Steam?

Even though there could be one or more reasons for which this error appears in your case, there are some general elements that need to be considered, which apply to most users who were unlucky enough to see this problem.

Some of the most common reasons are an overly-full download cache size, and a corrupted game library folder, while in close second the corruption of a specific game file comes.

As you can expect, these problems are not very complicated to address, and we will be dealing with each of them in this guide. Even more, we compiled some other useful tricks that users have used across time, so make sure to try them all out.

What can I do if an error occurred while updating Steam games?

  1. Clear Download Cache
  2. Repair Library Folder
  3. Verify Integrity of Game Files
  4. Change Download Folder
  5. Change Download Region
  6. Disable Firewall and a few alternative solutions

1. Clear Download Cache

  1. Press on the Windows key, type Steam, then open the first result.
  2. Now, look at the upper-left corner of the window, and click on Steam.
  3. Navigate to Settings.
  4. Open the Downloads tab.
  5. Click on Clear Download Cache button.
  6. Exit and restart the Steam client and check for any improvements.

You can try to fix the issue by clearing the locally cached configuration data and forcing Steam to catch new data.

2. Repair Library Folder

  1. Use the following hotkey: Windows + S.
  2. Search for Steam, then click on the first result.
  3. From the top-left corner of the window, select Steam.
  4. Go to Settings.
  5. Open the Downloads tab.
  6. Click on Steam Library Folders, under the Content Library section.
  7. Select the folder you need.
  8. Now, click on the 3 dots menu, then choose to Repair Folder.
  9. Click on Close, then exit Steam.
  10. Relaunch Steam and try to update the problematic game to see if the error is resolved.

Steam saves all the games and their data in the Steam Library. These library folders need to be writable by all the users to work properly including installation and to apply updates.

In case the library has permission issues, you may encounter errors. To fix it, Steam has a built-in Library Folder repair option. Here is how to use it.

3. Verify Integrity of Game Files

  1. Press on the Windows key, type Steam, then open the app.
  2. Now, click on Library.
  3. Right-click on the problematic game and select Properties.
  4. In the Properties window, click on the Local Files tab.
  5. Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files button.
  6. Steam will scan the game files and apply any fixes if necessary.
  7. Exit the app, then press on the Windows key, type Steam, and relaunch it.
  8. Try to update or install the game again, and that should have resolved the error.

The updates-related error can occur if the folder or game files in the hard disk are corrupted.

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This can happen due to bad hardware or abrupt closer to any app. Steam can scan and verify game files and fix them if necessary.

4. Change Download Folder

  1. Hit the Windows key, type Steam, and open the app.
  2. Look at the upper-left corner of the window, then click on Steam.
  3. Navigate to Settings.
  4. From the left window pane, select the Downloads tab.
  5. Click on Steam Library Folders.
  6. Add library folders, by pressing on the + button.
  7. Choose a location to create or select new Steam library folder, then click on Select.
  8. Now, click on Close.
  9. Exit and relaunch the app to see if the change of downloading location has fixed the error.

Steam by default saves all the game and its data in the C: > Program Files > Steam > SteamApps folder. If the problem is with a folder or the hard drive, you can move the files to a different partition and install the game.

Note icon
If you have multiple hard drives in your system, try to move the folder to an alternate hard drive. If not, simply change the location or the partition.

5. Change Download Region

  1. Press on the Windows key, type Steam, then open the app.
  2. From the top-left corner of the window, click on Steam.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Click on the Downloads tab.
  5. Under Download Region, click on the drop down menu, then select your country or current region.
  6. Keep in mind that you may have to test multiple regions to find the fastest region.

Steam offers its content from different locations based on the user’s geographical location.

Sometimes, the servers in a specific region may be slow or have hardware issues resulting in bad downloads. Changing the Download Region in Steam can fix any server-related errors.

6. Disable Firewall and a few alternative solutions

  1. Use the following hotkey to open Windows Settings: Windows + I.
  2. Click on Update and Security.
  3. From the left window pane, select Windows Security, then click on Firewall & network Protection, from the right window pane.
  4. Select your active network and turn off Firewall protection.
  5. If your Antivirus offers firewall protection, you may also want to turn it off manually.

7. Disable your antivirus

If none of the above steps worked for you, try disabling your antivirus software temporarily. Run Steam and update the game. If the update is successful, add Steam.exe to the Antivirus exception list.

8. Close the background apps

Steam may have difficulty downloading and installing updates if any background app is creating conflict with the network or other resources. Close or exit apps like Skype, Google Drive, etc. that use internet connection and try again.

9. Reinstall Steam

As a last resort, you can try to uninstall and reinstall Steam. Uninstalling Steam won’t remove your game files. So, uninstall it from Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Steam > Uninstall.

What other Steam errors should I be aware of?

As you can see, Steam may run into several troubles, such as the one that occurred while updating Steam games. However, we’ve compiled a series of solutions that will work in each case.

Some other very common issue with Steam is having a very slow download process, which can, in turn, cause a wide range of problems ranging from not being able to play online, and also requiring hours of waiting to get a game updated or downloaded.

For other more unlucky users, Steam is not even starting properly, and as you might expect, they are not happy with this occurrence, with the online forums breaking with complaints on this topic.

If you’re an avid gamer, you might also encounter an issue that is not caused by the software itself, but by the impact the cost of your favorite games might have on your bank account. For that problem, you can find out how to use a VPN to buy Steam games.

If you face any additional questions or curiosities related to our presented app, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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