5 of the Best Escape Room Games to Play Online

Escape room games provide hours of fun while challenging your brain

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  • Escape room games that you can play online are the perfect way to feel like you're breaking free, while still indoors.
  • In this article, we made a list of free online games of this genre so keep reading.
  • You can also play escape room games on Zoom but they are not free.
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Online escape room games can be as much fun as real ones, despite the fact that one is missing the team spirit and adrenaline sharing.

You have a lot of virtual escape rooms, which offer as many challenging ways to feel like you’re breaking free – from a confined room, from a prison, from the office, from all sorts of rooms, from a castle, and so on.

The rooms usually consist of a locked door, different objects to manipulate as well as hidden clues or secret compartments. The player must solve several rooms until he reaches the end.

Most of the games are played just using the mouse. And, of course, your brain.

Can you play an escape room online free?

Of course, you can play escape room games online free but for that, we recommend a browser that is both reliable and distraction-free.

Opera GX was designed especially for gaming and aside from its cool integrations like Twitch, it blocks all unwanted ads and trackers.

But most of all, with Opera GX, you can prioritize the resources of your PC on your game so it will run very smoothly.

So here’s a list of some of the best online games that you can find online. All these titles are escape room games online without Flash because, as you know, it’s not supported anymore.

Opera GX

Play free online escape room games right from the browser with Opera GX.

What are the best online escape room games?

The Submachine Series – Popular choice

This is a series of 13 underground labyrinths, an abandoned lighthouse, a padded white cell, and more, that you have to escape from.

You can start playing any of the games since they are independent of one another. The background music keeps you on your toes.

Play The Submachine Series

Crimson Room – Guaranteed fun

Crimson Room was among the first escape room online games to be launched and, thus, it is also a classic.

It displays the typical room that you have to escape from, using various clues that you find around you.

You may consider it a black noir online escape room game but you will definitely have fun with it.

Play Crimson Room

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room – Basic knowledge of the Harry Potter books

A Harry Potter-themed escape room created by a Pennsylvanian librarian, hosted by Google Docs.

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The game requires basic knowledge of the Harry Potter books, and it can be played solo, as a group, or competing against friends.

Play Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Minecraft Escape Room – Involves problem-solving and videos

Similarly to the previous game, this one was also created by a librarian. The graphic reminds vaguely of the Minecraft games, hence the name.

The game involves problem-solving and videos. It is quite easy to follow and it’s one of the best adventure escape games online.

Play Minecraft Escape Room

100 Doors – Escape from School – Classic game

Another classic escape room, where you go through the same doors over and over again, until you find the missing pieces that open the closed ones.

The game can become fast-paced with all the going back and forth trying to figure out which door led where.

It’s one of the best escape games online free and unblocked you can play anywhere on your browser.

Play 100 Doors – Escape from School

Can you play Escape Room on Zoom?

You will be surprised but yes, you can actually play virtual escape room games on Zoom. It’s a new type of online escape room multiplayer game.

All you need to do is to visit The Escape Game website. There, you can choose a location from the U.S., and then you and up to 7 other friends can play virtually in one of the 7 available escape rooms.

On the screen, you will actually see each other’s cams but also the room, the indications, and everything you need to solve the puzzle.

There are several other websites that offer virtual escape rooms but you should know that none of them are free for obvious reasons.

We hope that this guide has helped you choose the perfect escape room games online unblocked for you, but if you have any interesting suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.

You might also be interested in our list of top 15 VR games you can find on Steam because they can be also extremely entertaining.

Do you know any other escape room games worthy to be on our list? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you have a lot of options to choose from, either paid or free. For the latter category, we recommend The Submarine series or Crimson Room.

  • Yes, there are games in the escape room genre that can have a multiplayer feature, but most of them are single-player.

  • A virtual escape room provides the same experience as a real escape room, though guided via video-conference call. The participants know one another and have a limited time to solve all of the puzzles. At the end, they also receive feedback.

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