Event Viewer

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Event Viewer, a component of Microsoft’s Windows NT line of operating systems, lets administrators and users view the event logs on a local or remote machine. In Windows Vista, Microsoft overhauled the event system.

Windows keeps a complete record of all the events, which can be accessed in the Windows Event Viewer

  • Windows services accessed
  • errors and warnings
  • logins an more useful data in detecting problems or activity.

One good use of it is to detect unauthorized access to your computer.

How to access the Event Viewer

This system feature can be found in Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

Event Viewer Windows 10

Alternatively, access Event Viewer by simply pressing Windows+R keys and type “eventvwr” in the “Run” dialog to open the Event Viewer.

In the main interface, Event Viewer will show all the errors and warnings. Pay attention to error logs created by Windows, as a minor slight change in behavior could lead to making an error or warning entry in the Event Viewer.