How to Fix Problems With Extended Desktop in Windows 7

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Maybe we talk about Windows 10 a lot these days, but we didn’t forget older Windows operating system. However, we’re going to solve one Windows 7 problem now, we’re going to solve the issue with extended display in Windows 7.
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As you probably know, you can run your computer with multiple monitors or screens. Windows integrated a few options that will help you manage what will be showed on each screen. You have PC screen only option, which is used when you have just one monitor, Duplicate option, which allows you to have the same thing on both screens, Extend, which allows you to extend your display to both screens, and you have Projector only, which allows you to use only your alternate monitor.

If you’re using just one monitor, PC screen option should be enabled by default, because other options could mess up your display. And this is why our error occurs, if you’re using a single monitor, and you have Extended option enabled, you’ll most likely see only the half of your display, and you won’t be able to work normally. So to solve this issue, you just have to switch your ‘screen mode’ back to Computer only. Here’s how you can do that

  1. Press Windows key and P at the same time
  2. Window with screen modes will show up, so choose Computer only

After you switched to Computer only mode, your extended screen should be back to normal size. In case this simple workaround didn’t get the job done, you can always check if your display driver is installed correctly, because corrupted or outdated display driver could also cause some graphical issues.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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