Facial recognition isn’t working for some Windows 11 users

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  • If you are unable to use facial recognition on Windows 11, it's not the OS's fault.
  • So don't go reinstalling the operating system, because the hardware is to blame.
  • Most laptops and cameras are compatible with this technology, but some aren't.
  • Regular webcams are not going to work with this, only special infrared cameras.
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We have it on our phones and laptops and we use it because it makes our lives a lot easier, eliminating the need to type passwords or use fingerprints, although the second one is just as easy to do.

Yes, we are indeed talking about the facial recognition feature. And while some are sceptical to use it, due to security concerns, most are more than happy to simplify their authentication process.

However, some Windows 11 users are claiming that this built-in security measure doesn’t work for them, and we’re about to show you why that happens.

Why can’t I use facial recognition on my Windows 11 device?

We’ve seen multiple reports online about users struggling with using facial recognition on Windows 11. Let us tell you that this has nothing to do with the operating system itself.

For example, one user addressing the Microsoft community has pointed out that he couldn’t get this feature to function on either Windows 10 or 11.

Ok so I upgraded to Windows 11 and it’s nice.

I have had this problem with both versions of windows on my laptop (11 and 10) and it would be more pleasant to have.

I want to set up facial recognition since I’ve had this laptop that would make it more faster and convenient to sign in. On settings at sign-in options it says on we couldn’t find a camera compatible, this option is not available and I do indeed have a camera on my laptop.

If you also found yourself in a similar situation, it’s because the device itself isn’t compatible with facial recognition, not the OS.

Actually, not all laptops or cameras support this functionality, so the best advice is to verify the laptop model you are using with manufacturer support.

If even after troubleshooting you are still unable to use the feature, that is a clear sign that your laptop’s camera is not compatible, so when trying to configure facial recognition it doesn’t recognize it.

To simplify all this information, it basically means that your laptop has a regular webcam, not an infrared camera.

Other users that had incompatible hardware but still wanted to use this security tool, chose to use a compatible USB webcam.

So keep this in mind if you were interested in setting up this sign-in method, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How do I activate the facial recognition feature on Windows 11

  1. Press Win key + I to open the Settings menu.
  2. Select the Accounts tab.facial recognition 1
  3. Click on Sign-in options.facial recognition 2
  4. Select Facial recognition (Windows Hello).facial recognition 3
  5. Click the Set up button. facial recognition 4

However, if your device is incompatible with this technology, the button will be grey and a message will be displayed just above it.

This is pretty much all you need to know about setting up the facial recognition feature on your Windows 11 device, and why it wouldn’t work.

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