How to check real / fake followers on Instagram [Full Guide]

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • If you want to check fake/real followers on Instagram, do note that it’s not easy to achieve this goal.
  • However, it is not impossible to detect an inauthentic audience. Just take a look at our tips below.
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Check real and fake followers on Instagram

Instagram and other popular social media channels have their very own personalities with large following groups. However, it comes a time when checking fake followers is necessary.

Some of you may simply be suspicious about the number of followers someone has, while others are marketing professionals researching for the safest ways to advertise their brand.

In both these cases, there’s something that you need to understand from the very start. Most Instagram accounts have quite a few fake followers these days.

Many of these accounts are created by bots and no actual interaction is ever expected from them. However, buying followers is also a common practice among influencers worldwide.

That’s far from harmless if you plan to reach out to a larger audience with their help. That impressive total amount of unique followers they brag about may be far from reality.

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You clearly need to find genuine influencers or else you won’t be able to truly spread your brand’s message.

Moreover, if you’re a travel or food blogger, an agency, and so on and you’re wondering how many of your followers are real, rest assured that we can help you out.

Take a closer look at the below procedure in order to achieve your goal with ease.

How many of my Instagram followers are fake?

1. Detect an inauthentic audience by using Instagram Growth tool from Combin

  1. At first, download Combin Growth and install it on your PC.
  2. After opening the app, you can look for the Search tab and start a new search. While there, select User search by followers.Search tab
  3. Type in your username into the specialized field. You may also enter the username of an influencer whose audience quality you’d like to check.
  4. Up next, specify the number of search results. You can also sort them by engagement rate or follow ratio to find the most high-quality ones.
  5. With the search analysis enabled, simply click Find.
  6. After getting the first batch of 500 followers, feel free to hit the Refresh button in order to get more results.
  7. You can now browse the extensive list of followers. It’s extremely easy to interact with the followers  or find out who of them are irrelevant to you.

If you want to easily determine the number of fake Instagram followers, it’s clear that searching through followers and comparing engagement rates manually isn’t a solution to consider.

Make sure to use an automated tool instead, one such as Combin Growth. With this powerful tool, you’ll get a more focused approach to discovering all about your followers.

You’ll be surprised to see that some of them have strange usernames consisting of random numbers and letters.

The irrelevant accounts also include those that are completely empty or, quite the opposite, stuffed with scam content.

With an easy-to-use interface, Combin offers detailed information about any Instagram account and more useful features with the Instagram Growth tool.

It is so effective at providing valuable feedback regarding the followers’ authenticity thanks to an advanced machine-learning enhanced analysis.

This takes into consideration a wide range of attributes, including the following quantity ratio, amount of posts, advertisement presence, and different interrelationships between all these factors.

Combin Growth

Combin Growth is a reliable service that provides follower analytics for Instagram accounts. Do give it a try!
Free trial Visit website

2. Pay attention to a few red flags

red flags

Besides using a tool that offers a wealth of insights into any Instagram account, there are also a few great tips to take into consideration:

  • If an account has thousands of followers – and we do mean literally thousands – then verify them. When an influencer is followed by users with no profile picture, you may as well assume that these followers aren’t real. Spammy usernames are also a red flag.
  • People creating fake accounts don’t put much effort into having realistic profile sections. You should pay attention to those that are empty or hidden.
  • Even if an influencer has a ton of comments, don’t take them for granted. If the comments are clearly clueless, they may come from fake followers.

Chances are not to identify 100% real and engaged Instagram followers. However, getting an answer is a must, so let us know if the numbers are as expected or not in the comments area below.

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