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  • FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE on Windows 10 is a BSoD error caus by outdated system files or drivers.
  • The easiest way to fix this blue screen is to use a dedicated tool and update the entire system.
  • Additionally, downgrading the BIOS has proved helpful for some users.
  • Don't ignore newly installed apps or programs that might have interfered with your system causing this BSoD.
how to fix FAULTY HARDWARE CORRUPTED PAGE error on Windows 10
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Blue Screen of Death errors are probably one of the most serious errors that you can encounter on Windows 10.

These errors will restart your PC and disrupt your work, therefore today we’re going to show you how to fix FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE error.

A lot of users have reported FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE on Asus laptops, but Dell or HP devices have also been affected. The solutions below are efficient on all devices.

Additional error variations are MSDN bugcheck FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE and FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE PUBG . In the latter case, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC game causes this error.

How can I fix the blue screen FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE error?

  1. Update Windows 10 and download the latest drivers
  2. Reinstall the problematic driver
  3. Remove problematic applications
  4. Downgrade your BIOS
  5. Reset Windows 10
  6. Check your hardware

1. Update Windows 10 and download the latest drivers

Certain hardware and software issues can cause Blue Screen of Death errors to appear, and in order to prevent these types of errors from appearing, we strongly advise you to download the latest Windows 10 updates.

Downloading updates is fairly simple, and you can do that by using Windows Update.

Many of these updates offer new features, security improvements as well as bug fixes related to both hardware and software, therefore if you want to prevent BSoD errors from appearing, we strongly suggest that download the latest Windows 10 updates.

Although Windows 10 updates are important for the system’s safety, drivers are just as important.

Your PC is dependent on drivers in order to work with your hardware, and if you don’t have the proper drivers installed, you might experience a Blue Screen of Death error such as FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE.

To fix this and many other BSoD errors, it’s strongly recommended that you install the latest drivers.

DriverFix Updater ResultsSome of the most common Windows errors and bugs are a result of old or incompatible drivers. The lack of an up-to-date system can lead to lag, system errors or even BSoDs.To avoid these types of problems, you can use an automatic tool that will find, download, and install the right driver version on your Windows PC in just a couple of clicks, and we strongly recommend DriverFix.Follow these easy steps to safely update your drivers:
  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Wait for the software to detect all your faulty drivers.
  4. You will now be presented with a list of all the drivers that have issues, and you just need to select the ones you’d liked fixed.
  5. Wait for DriverFix to download and install the newest drivers.
  6. Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.


Keep your Windows safe from any type of errors caused by corrupted drivers, by installing and using DriverFix today!
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Disclaimer: this program needs to be upgraded from the free version in order to perform some specific actions.

2. Reinstall the problematic driver

  1. Press Windows Key + X on your keyboard to open Power User Menu. Select Device Manager from the list.
  2. When Device Manager opens, locate the driver you want to remove, right click it and choose Uninstall.
  3. If available, check Delete the driver software for this device and click OK.

After you remove a driver, you need to restart your PC. When your PC restarts, the removed driver will be replaced with a default driver.

If the default driver works well, and your PC is free from BSoD errors, you can continue using that driver, or you can try to update it.

Users reported that the wireless adapter driver was causing this issue, and after reinstalling the problematic driver, the BSoD error was fixed.

3. Remove problematic applications


Third-party applications can often cause Blue Screen of Death errors to appear, therefore it’s important that you find and remove the problematic software.

If you installed or recently updated any software, we strongly advise that you remove it and check if that fixes the error.

Almost any software can cause this error to appear, therefore it can sometimes be hard to find the problematic application.

Usually, these types of errors are caused by your antivirus software or firewall, so be sure to remove all third-party antivirus programs from your PC.

Bear in mind that Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender that works as antivirus software, so even if you remove all third-party antivirus programs, your PC won’t be completely defenseless.

Uninstalling your antivirus might not fix this problem, because antivirus programs tend to leave certain files and registry entries behind once you remove them, so we strongly suggest that you use dedicated removal software to remove your antivirus.

Many antivirus companies host dedicated removal tools on their website, so be sure to download one of these tools for your antivirus.

4. Downgrade your BIOS

downgrade your bios

Few users reported that the FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE BSoD error can be fixed by downgrading your BIOS.

According to users, certain versions of BIOS can cause this problem on Asus motherboards, therefore you might want to downgrade your BIOS.

Downgrading BIOS can sometimes be risky, therefore use extra caution and be sure to check your motherboard manual for detailed instructions.

5. Reset Windows 10

  1. Restart your computer a few times during the boot to start the Automatic Repair.
  2. Choose Troubleshoot > Reset this PC > Remove everything. You might be asked to insert Windows 10 installation media in order to proceed to the next step, so be ready to do that.
  3. Select Only the drive where Windows is installed > Just remove my files and click the Reset button.
  4. Follow the instructions in order to complete the Windows 10 reset.

Bear in mind that this process will delete all files from your C drive, so be sure to create a backup. You might also need a bootable USB flash drive to complete Windows 10 reset, and you can easily create one by using Media Creation Tool

6. Check your hardware

Sometimes these errors can be caused by your hardware, therefore we strongly suggest to remove any recently added hardware since it might not be compatible with your PC.

If you didn’t install any new hardware, we suggest that you check if your hardware is working properly.

Usually, these errors are caused by RAM, but be sure to check other components such as your motherboard, hard drive, network adapter, etc.

So these were our recommendations for you to troubleshoot the FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE BSoD. Tell us in the comments if any of the steps was helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This BSoD error can be caused by problems while installing a Windows update, outdated, corrupted, or incorrectly configured device drivers, damaged or corrupted hard disk, malware, and viruses, and many more.

  • The first thing to do is to run a System File Checker (SFC) scan. If you are not familiar with that, read our guide on how to perform a SFC scan.

  • You can either update your driver from Device Manager or check the official web page of the manufacturer for the newest driver. Also, here’s a guide on how to update drivers.

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