FFXI packet loss: What is it and how to minimize it?

by Vlad Constantinescu
Vlad Constantinescu
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  • FFXI, short for Final Fantasy XI, is an MMORPG developed by Square Enix and released in 2002. The most burning question nowadays is if it's still playable, and the answer's yes.
  • Packet loss is the same, regardless of where you encounter it. It happens whenever data packets that you send or receive within your connection never make it to destination.
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Packet loss in FFXI

FFXI, short for Final Fantasy XI, is an MMORPG developed by Square Enix and released in 2002. Despite its almost ancient release date, FFXI still has an active player base in 2020. And, on top of that, a quite successful subscription service.

Although many encourage new players to find stable fan-run servers, the official servers are pretty much alive and kicking. So it’s no use trying to find fan servers as long as the official one still exists.

Is FFXI still playable?

Maybe the most burning question nowadays is if FFXI is still playable, and the answer’s yes.

However, you need to understand that since it’s not only an online game but a massively multiplayer online one, it faces some pretty tough challenges.

For instance, high ping (due to the number of players), and jitter are regulars in this game. More so if you have poor Internet connectivity.

However, in this article, we’ll try and focus on more serious matters. Among the more troublesome issues that FFXI is facing is no other than packet loss.

What is packet loss in FFXI?

Packet loss tends to be the same, no matter where you may encounter it. It happens whenever data packets that you send or receive within your connection never make it to their destination.

Leaking packets isn’t exactly easy to spot, as many players usually think that they’re experiencing high latency. While the two might appear highly similar, they’re completely different.

For once, packet loss can cause high ping, but not the other way around.

If you’re leaking packets, you’ll start experiencing some more noticeable issues such as slow in-game movement, being unable to interact with your inventory, rubberbanding, and even disconnection.

More often than not, packet loss is caused by network congestion. And this can be either on your half of the connection (home network/ISP network) or the game server’s side (improper server sizing).

Minimizing packet loss in FFXI

1. Try using a VPN service

  1. Download Private Internet AccessFFXI PIA
  2. Install it on your PC
  3. Launch it
  4. Log into your account
  5. Connect to a fast server (low ping)
  6. Launch FFXI
  7. Check if the problem is still there

Private Internet Access is a trustworthy all-round VPN service from Kape Technologies. It can help you improve various game-related issues such as high ping or packet loss, but that’s not all.

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Note: PIA might not be able to fix packet loss if it’s not caused by your ISP through bandwidth throttling or improper network routing (which leads to network congestion).

2. Troubleshoot the connection manually

  • Run a pathping test to see if you’re leaking packets on your side of the connection
  • Check and repair/update/replace/upgrade any faulty component on your side (PC, cables, router, drivers)
  • Call your ISP and inform them of any abnormalities you notice during the test
  • Contact Square Enix and let them know if there’s something wrong with their server
  • Restart your router and/or modem and try again
  • Try connecting straight to your modem or home line
  • Use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi leaks packets more often)
  • Restart the game
  • Try connecting to another server
  • Avoid peak hours, if possible

Truth be told, packet loss can be caused by a lot of things, including old Ethernet cables. Even upgrading your CAT 5 cables to CAT 6 ones could make a huge difference.

Therefore, even if some of the suggested fixes above don’t work, be patient and at least try them all. If no improvement can be seen, it’s likely that improving packet loss is unfortunately not an option at the time.

FFXI packet loss can sometimes be improved

All things considered, if you’re experiencing packet loss in FFXI, our suggestion would be to wait it out. More often than not, it’s caused by network congestion, which clears quite fast outside of peak hours.

However, if you suspect that it’s more than just that, stepping in would be the best decision. You can either try using a VPN and check if the problem still persists, or troubleshoot your connection manually, each component at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, FFXI still has an active player base and all of its servers are alive and kicking. However, sometimes it might face certain issues such as packet loss that might ruin your experience.

  • Absolutely, you can use a VPN to improve packet loss, under one condition: your ISP must be the reason why you’re leaking packets (bandwidth throttling, for instance).

  • Pathping is an awesome Windows built-in tool that lets you run a traceroute on your connection and view the ping and packet loss values for every hop along the way.

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