Here are the best Fidget Spinner apps for Windows 10 PC/ Mobile

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Every year, a few of trends will completely dominate the internet but also jump into the physical world. While everyone knew that something was going to mark 2017 in one way or another, no one was prepared for the Fidget Spinner. For those who somehow managed to completely remain oblivious of this trend, Fidget Spinners are little devices that are marketed as stress removers. These spinners will offer a really cool visual effect when their three arms start spinning.

The Fidget Spinner community has come a long way since the first iteration of the product hit the market. Now, people are putting their Fidget Spinning skills up to the test and that means performing all kinds of tricks from the harmless variety all the way to the pretty dangerous type.

Do you think you look great spinning a Fidget Spinner? How about spinning two at once? What about three, and one on your nose? You can find all kinds of challenges on YouTube from people who really push the capabilities of these little stress spinners to the limit. While you might think that you’ve seen everything there is to see, you can still be surprised by some of the things that people think of.

Just like any other trend, there’s no telling when it will die down but for the time being it seems like Fidget Spinners are here to stay. And just as you might have expected, Fidget Spinners follow the philosophy of this technological era we find ourselves in, and now “there’s an app for that”. Yes, there are apps that specifically catered to the needs of Fidget Spinner aficionados.

These apps offer various Fidget Spinner experiences and if you’re really into Fidget Spinners, you will probably enjoy these apps more than you might want to admit it. That being said, check out these top Fidget Spinner apps and see if any of them is what you are looking for to round up your Fidget Spinner collection and credentials.

The best virtual Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinner by Real Gamers Inc.

This is the first great Fidget Spinner app for Windows and it comes with a nice little interface that’s pleasing for users to look at while they go about their spinning. The background image is straight out of Minecraft, so for those who also love or play that game, it’s an added bonus.

Other than the pretty nice background, this app provides a spin counter which lets you track just how many spins you managed to squeeze in. That’s a cool little feature which you can use to turn the app into a 2017 version of Flappy Bird. Of course, it would be without all the raging and pretty much the opposite sine Fidget Spinners are about relaxing and de-stressing, while Flappy Bird loves to get its players mad.

How the game works

In this app, you have a total of 5 swipes which you can use almost like you would at a carnival attraction or fortune wheel. You need to get your best spin in and collect the rewards that drop when you do good. You have 5 swipes because you are going to need more than one try to get in your best swipe. You need to make use of all your swipes however if you want to have great results.

The app has a collection of Fidget Spinners that you can unlock. In order to unlock them, you have to keep playing and eventually, you will be able to unlock them all. It’s a bit of work to be put in, but it’s definitely great that you can unlock them all without paying.

Speaking of paying, the app itself is free which means that anyone interested can download it and try it out.

Fidget Spinner UWP by HutApps

Those who don’t want to risk their money on an app that they don’t like shouldn’t have to worry about this one. The app is free and it is available to anyone who wants to give it a try. That makes it great because at the very least you could try it out and see how you enjoy it. If you come to the conclusion that it’s not for you, there’s nothing stopping you from uninstalling it right away.

It gets competitive

If you’re the competitive type, you might enjoy this app because it brings in the social element which allows you to compete with your friends and see just who has the best Fidget Spinner score. Whether you’re a sore loser or a proud winner, you will be able to experience all these things with this Fidget Spinner app thanks to the way in which you can compare your results.

It’s all about getting in the best spin possible. To do this, the app gives you access to no less than 5 tries, or spins. Each time you spin, you have to aim for the biggest score so that you can get the best rewards. Yes, unlike the physical version of a Fidget Spinner, the digital version will offer rewards for great performance and that’s what draw more people to trying the app out.

Not only can you make history in the leader boards, but you can also use the resources you win from Fidget Spinning to upgrade your Spinner and do even better the next time you’re going to spin it. It’s not just about upgrading your current Spinner but also about unlocking new ones. The joy of getting a fresh Fidget Spinner is enough for many to spend hours on this app and try to get the best possible score.

Super Fidget Spinner Battle by Unit M Limited

Designed for mobile devices, this game offers a completely new experience that most Fidget Spinner enthusiasts might not be familiar with. However, there might be a firm number of Fidget Spinner lovers that actually get a familiar vibe from this game, but more on that in a little bit.

The multiplayer experience

This app can be used to kill time in single player, just like the others, but it also features a multiplayer component that is like nothing else on the market. Revolutionizing how people view Fidget Spinners, it’s actually not an entirely new concept. The kids from the 90’s and 2000’s might remember the Beyblade.  That’s what this is practical, although in digital form. Still, if you want to go down memory lane, this app is the perfect vehicle to get you there.

Aside from the pleasant memories, this app is actually a great time killer in both single player and multiplayer. If you feel competitive, you can take it up against your friends. If you share a love for Fidget Spinners, you can settle it once and for all, who the best Fidgeter is in your friend group.

A lot of choices

In this app you get not only to impress your friends with your Fidget Spinner skills but also with the variety of Spinners that you have unlocked and collected in the app. Similar to other options on the list, this app allows you to choose from a varied list of Fidget Spinners, which means that you will be able to customize your experience and put your personal touch or twist on the Fidget Spinner which will be representing you online or that will please your eyes when you’re just lazy on the couch, spinning away.

Available for the Windows Mobile platform, the app opens its doors to a lot of users on Microsoft’s mobile platform. So if you want to start spinning today, you can already go download it from the official store.

Fidget Spinner + BY Match 3 Fun Games

Fidget Spinner + is another solid solution for those that want to bring their Fidget Spinner obsession into the digital world. With this app, users can enjoy all the benefits of using a Fidget Spinner without actually having to own one. So if you didn’t get around to buying a Fidget Spinner, you might not even want to buy one anymore. If you usually need a bit of stress relief at your computer or during your office hours, you could easily just use this Windows app instead.

With the help of Fidget Spinner +, users get to de-stress and to calm down when they’re having a bad day or even just preemptive, to make sure that stress doesn’t get to them in the first place. When you’re under a lot of pressure, it’s really easy to just lose your temper and say and do things you normally wouldn’t and you end up regretting.

Having a trusty Fidget Spinner app on your computer which can get you out of a tight spot when stress is at its highest can be a really valuable tool to hold on to. Just make sure that you actually get some work done and don’t just spend all your time at the office using the Fidget Spinner app instead.

Fidget Spinner – Fun Spinner Action by UAB Tag of Joy

If the title of this app is any indication, you know what to expect from the Windows compatible game which promises a lot of excitement and the authentic Fidget Spinner experience.  Just like the rest of apps presented in this top, you can use Fidget Spinner – Fun Spinner Action to get a great Fidget Spinner session going while you’re waiting in the doctor’s waiting room or while you’re in a meeting that isn’t all that productive.

Are you obsessed with collecting Fidget Spinners in real life? That can be quite an expensive hobby but luckily you have a digital alternative which can help you save a pretty penny by not buying every Fidget Spinner under the sun. With the digital mobile app, you are able to unlock numerous variations of Fidget Spinners. Once they are unlocked, they are part of your collection and you can use them as you wish.

This game tests your limits as it’s not as easy as some might think when it comes to advancing further. If you want to advance in levels you will have to give it your all and actually be good at Fidget Spinning. If you’re the kind that doesn’t back off from a fight, you will be happy to know that you will definitely have a challenge on your hands with Fidget Spinner – Fun Spinner Action.

Covfefe Spinner by Sinime

The name of this app pretty much speaks for itself and users that give it a try definitely have to expect interesting things. When an app bears evident inspiration for a tweet coming from the US President, there’s no doubt about the fact that the app is of immense value and is one of the best apps of its kind in the store, right?

Nevertheless, users should no doubt give Covfefe Spinner a try if they need more covfefe in their lives or if they feel like covfefe has been absent as of late from their regular lifestyles. With even more covfefe added to the original product, Covfefe Spinner by Sinime brings to the table everything that people know and love about covfefe.

It’s definitely a different app when you put it side by side with the others, especially since it has a pretty interesting design which doesn’t limit itself to the traditional Fidget Spinner shapes or standards. Users are able to enjoy all kinds of Fidget Spinner models in this app, ranging from TRON like Fidget Spinners to the most extravagant of options, like Minecraft inspired Fidget Spinners.

Final words about these great Fidget Spinner apps for Windows

So there you have it folks, these are the best Fidget Spinner apps available for Windows at this time. If you’re looking for a cheap thrill to get you through your daily commute or a much deeper experience which will last you until you get bored, you can definitely bet on one of these Fidget Spinner solutions to get you through the day and to provide quality entertainment.

It’s not just about entertainment, however, as these Fidget Spinner apps also have the great property of relieving stress. That was to be expected since after all, we’re talking about Fidget Spinner apps. Fidget Spinners, in their original, physical version, were introduced and promoted as stress relieving toys, making it the perfect opportunity for app developers to bring that kind of experience into the digital spectrum.

There are of course more platforms out there, but if Windows is your platform of choice, you can at least be certain of the fact that you will have access to the Fidget Spinner apps present in this top.


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