Round up: FIFA 17 Xbox One issues

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FIFA 17 is an amazing game, it’s so real that gives you the impression you’re actually on the field, playing the most important match of your life. Xbox games have always been more stable and reliable than their PC counterparts. However, life isn’t always fair and FIFA 17 is not a bug-free game, not even on the Xbox One. Recent user reports revealed that FIFA 17 is affected by various errors on the Xbox One console, ranging from installation fails to player customization issues.

List of FIFA 17 Xbox One issues

1. Gamers can’t access the transfer market on the Web app. Some players also revealed they received a notification informing them that an investigation was being carried out to detect eventual system cheat attempts. However, all the affected gamers confirmed they didn’t use any dishonest methods.

EA has yet to issue any comments on this annoying situation. No workaround is yet available for this bug.

FIFA 17 transfer market issue

Whenever I log onto the web app, I get the keep playing FUT 17 to unlock transfer market. I want to be able to see and pick up players when I’m not on the game. […] I should be able to get new players and bid on them.
when i press the search buttom for transfer market players i got an error and can’t search i player just because i tried to snipe. […] No preliminary ban for sniping players for my account

2. The Journey crashes after a few scenes.  Shortly after Alex Hunter reaches his new club and Danny Williams is showing him around, the game exits and the Xbox home screen appears.

An EA community manager replied to this thread, but he wasn’t able to offer a solution for this issue. However, he did confirmed that many gamers who had previously played The Journey through the EA Access trial were now getting these crashing issues. EA has officially acknowledged the Journey crashes, and is actively looking for a fix.

when i get to the part in the journey when Alex hunter reaches his new (on loan club) and Danny Williams is showing him around, i cannot get to the next part and it goes to the Xbox home screen […]  i should be able to play the next part of the journey. Can we please sort this out i want to play the journey and ive spent alot of money on the game , so it should be working. It is an offline feature so i dont know why it would keep crashing.

3. Players looks different from what you selected. When gamers create a player and choose his traits, the end result is different from what they initially selected. The player’s face doesn’t look like it did in the menu. The face is completely defaulted while on the pitch. The hair, facial hair and skin colour change but the physical properties remain the same.

Go to create a player or career- player career and create a player. Then proceed to play a game with said player in the team sheet.
On the pitch the player looks different from what you made originally. The player should look how you made it.

4. FUT login fails with the following error message: “An error occurred downloading the FUT Squad Update. Please try again.” Gamers can’t access the FUT feature and are quickly sent back to the menu screen. This is a major issue because it prevents gamers from actually playing FIFA 17. For the time being, EA has yet to issue any comments on this situation, and unfortunately, there is no workaround available.

5. Gamers can’t access FIFA 17 via the Web app. 

Game access is denied, allegedly because the invitation is missing. The problem is that all the gamers who encountered this issue have already played FIFA 17 on their Xbox One.

6. Button delay and lag make the online sessions unplayable. Actions such as passing, shooting, clearing headers are behind, and the outcome is sometimes contrary to the expected result because the players do the opposite of what gamers are doing. EA is currently investigating this problem, and the company has suggested a few quick workarounds to alleviate this bug: clear the alternate MAC adress, persistent storage and powercycle Xbox One, and change the privacy settings.

Button delay and lag is absolutely horrendous. Passing, shooting, clearing headers are all completely behind resulting in ridiculous outcomes such as a defender chesting the ball on his own line instead of heading the ball clear, a mindless jog of 5 to 8 yards before playing a pass or shooting. Not a single header has been won defending a corner due to this lag.

7.  The club’s creation date is wrong.  This bug affects the gaming experience, preventing gamers from getting various rewards and bonuses, such as loyalty packs. EA Support said that it is a common issue and that their experts are working to fix this bug as soon as possible. However, no information is available yet as to when this bug will be fixed.

My club shows est. Sept. 2016, but should be est. in 2011. […]  I did not receive any loyalty packs, yet when I first logged into Fifa it told me I would receive them. […] I still haven’t received them and the established date is still wrong in Ultimate Team.

8. Gamers can’t connect to the EA servers. If you’ve already tried all the standard workarounds to fix this blocking issue, you can also contact your Internet Service Provider and ask for a new IP. For unknown reasons, your IP may be banned from accessing the EA servers and changing your IP is the quickest solution to fix this bug.

I have recently purchased FIFA 17 but whenever i try to go on I get the error message:Unable to connect to the EA servers at this time. Please check your network connection or try again later. […] Support suggested me talking my IPS for changing my IP. I told IPS and they change IP. After that I can connect EA servers without any problem.

9. The multiplayer mode is unavailable. When gamers try to join FUT, access is simply refused with the following error message: “Your profile does not have the permissions to access this feature.” Judging by the user feedback, it appears this issue is prevalent for Xbox Gold members. EA’s Support team hasn’t offer any quick fix for this issue yet.

10. Purchases made from the EASFC Catalogue are not visible in the players’ accounts. When gamers buy various items from the Catalogue, the transfer and trade piles in UT don’t change, but points are taken away. When gamers want to purchase the items affected by this bug again, they appear as ticked. Players are informed they already bought the respective items and cannot purchase them again.

EA has acknowledged this bug, and is looking into it to get the upgraded added. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to just untick the purchase again.

Im not too bothered about the points, there easy to come by but all the items I want for Ultimate Team being unavailable to me is very unfair. My transfer list and trade lists should be at maximum now so I can trade but there at minimum 🙁 I am not using any more EASFC point though until this is fixed.

These are the most common FIFA 17 issues on the Xbox One console. As you noticed, for the majority of these bugs there isn’t any workaround available yet. The good news is that EA has already acknowledged most of the issues and is searching for a fix.

This list of bugs is not an exhaustive one, we are aware that there are other FIFA 17 issues affecting Xbox One gamers. You can tell us more about your gaming experience in the comment section below.