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A few players have reported on the official EA forums that they are having problems with FIFA 20.

It would seem that every time they launch the game, it simply crashes.

The game instantly crashes at loading. When the text “Retrieving data from server. Please wait…” appears, the game shuts down and gets me to desktop.

FIFA 20 retrieving data from server

Apparently, an accidental workaround was discovered:

If you press Enter while the Checking connection message is displayed, the game will load normally.

Regardless though, this is indeed a serious issue that must be dealt with.

FIFA 20 simply crashes at launch

EA support staff was quick to answer, and they gave a number of solutions that just might work.

These solutions, along with others, were included in this article that might help you bypass this issue if you are experiencing it as well.

1. Modify your FIFA 20’s files

  • Go to the following folder:
C:\Users\USER\Documents\FIFA 20
  • Open the FIFA setup file using a text editor such as Wordpad
  • Find the line that says :
  • Change that line to:
  • Save it and then try launching FIFA 20 again.

Keep note that you are modifying your game files.

This may cause irreparable damage to your game‘s installation and you may need to download and install it all over again.

FIFA 20 Crash change line

2. Launch FIFA 20 without having your controller plugged in

This step is pretty straightforward.

Simply connect your controller to the PC after FIFA 20 has launched.

3. Update your device drivers

There are plenty of ways you can update your Windows drivers:

  • Use Windows Update
  • Use the Device Manager
  • Update the drivers from the manufacturer’s website
  • Install dedicated driver downloading software

FIFA 20 crash driver update

Want to update all of your drivers more efficiently? Try this handy tool!

4. Check if your PC meets FIFA 20’s minimum system requirements

Many players aren’t aware of FIFA 20’s minimum system requirements.

If you don’t know them either, head over to EA’s official website and check FIFA 20’s system requirements

Check your own system requirements by performing a DxDiag.

FIFA 20 crash DxDiag

5. Set the game to the lowest possible settings, and run it again

If your PC‘s specs aren’t too far off from FIFA 20’s minimum requirements, you could try launching it with all the settings set to the lowest possible values.

While gameplay won’t be as enjoyable, you will at least see whether your old gaming PC is to blame or not.

6. Be patient and wait for a patch

EA is quick to solve many of the issues that appear at launch, even if it may take some time.

If none of the solutions mentioned above work, simply wait to see what future FIFA 20 patches will bring.

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