Windows 10 integrates OneDrive files in File Explorer search results

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Microsoft recently rolled out a new Windows 10 20H1 build. This build brings some general updates and fixes along with some very interesting File Explorer features.

The new File Explorer features are currently available only to a subset of Insiders who are currently enrolled in the Fast Ring.

Microsoft is trying to offer a unified search experience across all its platforms including Microsoft Office, Windows, and Bing. The company wants the search box to be available everywhere. In this manner, users will be able to easily find related content.

You can now use File Explorer to search for OneDrive files

Microsoft plans to integrate the content of your OneDrive with regular File Explorer results.

So, when you type something in the search box of File Explorer, you will now see a list of suggested OneDrive files. You can either open the location of the file with a right-click or click on the file‘s name from the dropdown menu.

You can further explore your non-indexed locations by pressing the enter key. Furthermore, you can view the dropdown list that contains your search history by pressing CTRL+E keys. 

Improved accessibility options

Microsoft also improved three different accessibility options in this release. The can now efficiently read tables, or provide a summary of your desired web page. When users navigate within the same column or row, they can no longer see repeated header information. 

Although the search box is wide enough to properly show suggestions and search results, you still have the option to resize it with the help of your mouse.  

As a quick reminder, Windows 10 has received six major feature updates so far. Microsoft is all set to release the Windows 10 May 2019 Update later this month.



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