3 Ways to Fix This File is Dangerous so Chrome Has Blocked it

Download certain files, although they have been blocked by Chrome

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  • Chrome may be overzealous when it comes to security measures. That's the case with the This file is dangerous Chrome has blocked it error.
  • In case you want to allow Chrome to download dangerous files, try tweaking its Privacy and Security features.
  • Another This file is dangerous Chrome has blocked it fix is even easier and that's to consider a different browser.
PRIVACY-CHROME-w11 this file is dangerous chrome has blocked it
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Chrome is used by millions of users all over the world. It’s fast and reliable, and if you’re an Android smartphone owner, syncing between the devices is incredibly easy. However, it can still encounter errors such as the This file is dangerous Chrome blocked it.

In fact, one security measure has ended up generating the error message which prevents downloading harmful files to your storage.

It will automatically determine harmful file extensions and block them accordingly. Although it’s a great feature, chances are that you still want to download certain files that would have been otherwise blocked.

With that in mind, it’s understandable if you want to avoid this security measure. Unfortunately, you can’t disable the Download check option individually.

If you disable anti-phishing and anti-malware protection, you’ll completely dismiss further warnings, and that isn’t recommended.

Of course, this concerns only downloads from untrusted and deceptive sites. The best thing you can do is to manually approve every blocked file that you find to be non-malicious. Whether the file is malicious or not, it’s up to you.

How do I change Chrome Firewall settings?

You can protect yourself against phishing, social engineering, malware, unwanted software, harmful advertisements, invasive adverts, and abusive websites or extensions by using an optional feature in Google Chrome called Safe Browsing.

Safe Browsing is a feature that has been developed especially to safeguard your privacy and is used by a number of other well-known browsers.

  1. Open Chrome and click on the three-dot menu from the top right corner and choose Settings. chrome-settings images not loading in chrome
  2. Next, go to Privacy and security followed by Security.privacy-ecurity-chrome this file is dangerous chrome has blocked it
  3. Here, you can change the level of protection that you wish to have in order to avoid future messages such as the Chrome malicious download detected.lelve-of-protection-chrome this file is dangerous chrome has blocked it

Chrome not only does the URL check that was explained before, but it also performs checks on the client’s side.

It will give Google a subset of the most probable phishing and social engineering phrases discovered on a website in order for it to decide whether or not the website in question should be deemed harmful.

In addition, these client-side tests involve comparisons of the page’s visual look to a set of photos of login pages.

Chrome will transmit the URL of a website together with the item on this list that it matches to Google in order for it to assess whether or not the website in question is an effort to steal users’ information via phishing.

If you go to an unfamiliar website and key in one of your previously stored passwords, it can also assist safeguard you from becoming a victim of phishing.

This being said, let’s see how you can fix the Chrome blocked dangerous download issue when it is misattributed. Keep on reading!

How do you allow a download Chrome has blocked?

1. Try a different browser

If you’re worried about your safety online, you might want to try Opera. It’s an amazing alternative that offers lots of features. Most of them will make your life easier and help you keep your data safe.

Opera has numerous privacy-oriented features such as tracking and phishing protection. Moreover, there’s also the built-in VPN that keeps your online footprint to a minimum while keeping your privacy protected.

Moreover, Opera’s security settings are highly customizable, allowing users that know their online behavior tweak them for the best performance. You can easily enable protection against untrusted websites and also set HTTP/SSL certification options.

You can also pre-select how much access you give websites to your data. From the Opera settings, you can disable access to location, camera, and more.

Customization is another perk you will enjoy as Opera allows you to craft your own workspace and flow, customize your sidebar, its appearance, and much more.


Enjoy the Internet with the best antiphishing and antimalware system integrated directly into your browser!

2. Use a specialized tool to remove malware

Your PC performs better after a complete virus scan, so it is a good idea to do them regularly. Removing unwanted programs will also free some space on your device.

Every time you connect to the Internet, you expose the operating system to unknown risks. Malware and adware are harmful to your computer and may be the root cause of problems.

The way a browser works can definitely be improved by using a good antivirus that has the ability to block all malicious threats.

Furthermore, we recommend choosing an antivirus that incorporates multiple layers of defense to fully protect your device against known or emerging-malware outbreaks.

The safest way to remove them from your computer is to use specially built antivirus software that does a thorough cleaning. Although a basic antivirus provides the much-needed security, complete security software is needed for increased performance in a safe environment.

3. Disable Chrome security prompts and restore blocked downloads

  1. Open Chrome and click on the three-dot menu from the top right corner to select Settings.chrome-settings images not loading in chrome
  2. Next, navigate to Privacy and security followed by Security.privacy-ecurity-chrome this file is dangerous chrome has blocked it
  3. Here, make sure to select the No protection option in order to avoid future errors, such as ProduKey blocked by Chrome, and allow sites to behave normally.no-protection this file is dangerous chrome has blocked it

After this, Chrome pop-ups shouldn’t bother you anymore. If you are a webmaster and have had a lot of reports of blockage of your site, we recommend contacting Google.

How to keep dangerous files in Chrome?

  1. Open Chrome and click on the three-dot menu followed by Settings.chrome-settings images not loading in chrome
  2. Navigate to Privacy and security from the left menu followed by Security on the right side.privacy-ecurity-chrome this file is dangerous chrome has blocked it
  3. Here, select the Standard or Enhanced protection options in order to keep dangerous files from getting on your computer.standard-enhanced this file is dangerous chrome has blocked it

In recent years, both mainstream and alternative browsers introduced security checks when opening untrusted links or downloading suspicious files. Chrome is leading the trend with the built-in antimalware and anti-phishing system.

In this article, we explored how to download certain files, although they have been blocked by Chrome’s antimalware system.

We recommend that you take a look at the ten best laptop security software for the best protection because we all know it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Let us know your questions or thoughts in the comments section below.

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