3 best file size reducer software for PC

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by Radu Tyrsina
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file size reducing software

File size reducer software are highly useful tools that compress files to make them take up less data and HDD or SDD space. There are also other reasons users would want to compress files. For instance, compression software not only increases the available amount of space in your hard disk, but it also allows for faster file transfer. Smaller files means that users can send more items through size restricting sharing services.

In order to help individuals look for the ideal file size reducer software for Windows 10, we compiled an up to date list of the best compression software currently available. These applications earn their place in the spotlight for their flexibility, reliability, features, and more

The best file size reducers for Windows 10

1. WinRAR(suggested)

WinRAR is a highly popular compression software that has been around for a couple decades. In fact, it is the most commonly used compression application with over 500 million users internationally.

It offers numerous features, but perhaps its most distinctive feature is its ability to create files in the RAR format. RAR is a powerful type of format that allows files to be compressed at extremely high levels. WinRAR is the only official software that is capable of producing RAR files, but most compression software are capable of extracting RAR archieves. WinRAR is also capable of extracting these formats: ZIP, CAB, ARJ, ISO, 7-ZIP, UUE, GZIP, LZH, ACE, TAR, and much more.

Users will also be able to secure files with a 256 bit encryption and password protection. WinRAR utilizes an unique algorithm to significantly increase the speed of the compression process.

As for its interface, WinRAR does not offer anything special. Yet, despite not being especially attractive, its interface is easy to use.

This file size reducing software offers much in terms of features, but it comes at a price. Typically, costing around $50 USD,  WinRAR will cost more than most compression programs. Nevertheless, WinRAR has been proven by time to be both useful and reliable. Individuals interested in this application can always use the trial version to test the waters.

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2. 7-Zip

Users will be glad to know that 7-Zip is completely free, which makes it ideal for individuals on a budget. Despite being freeware, 7-Zip is still packed with features, and has an outstanding reputation. 7-Zip is a highly flexible program, as it is capable of handling pretty much any type of compression formats.

Furthermore, the file size reducer software offers its own compression format called 7z. This format is unique as it is specifically built to be able to handle massively sized files. How big you may ask. Well, according to its developers, 7z is capable of compressing files up to 16 billion gigabytes.

Unfortunately, the rate in which files are compressed or decompressed is rather slow compared to other popular file size reducer software for Windows 10. Thus, users with time sensitive projects may not find this software to be ideal.

Aesthetically speaking, 7-Zip is definitely on the less attractive end of the spectrum. Nevertheless, reliability and efficiency is key when it comes to size reducing software, and 7-zip is steady as a rock. Users looking for a powerful compression software that is free, should consider 7-zip.

3. Hamstersoft ZIP Archiver

What sets this file size reducer software apart from the crowd is that it has a modern looking interface that is also user friendly. Furthermore, the software can handle a wide variety of compressed file formats, and is completely free.

The unique thing about Hamstersoft is it has cloud support. Users can compress a file, upload it to a cloud service like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc, and create a link all in one move. Convenience and ease of use are what makes Hamstersoft a top file compressing software.

These three file size reducer software for Windows 10 are all outstanding in their own unique way. They are specifically selected from a multitude of software as they are simply the best.