4 best search engines for finding visually similar images

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Best search engines to find visually similar images
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Images are one of the most important parts of the internet today. We search for new images daily, especially if our work involves finding and using various images. But sometimes, we have an idea of what we want, but don’t know exactly what it is.

For example, you want to find out the name of some amazing painting you found on social media or which wallpaper your friend is using. All in all, you know how the image you’re looking for looks, but don’t know its name. Well, what if we tell you that you already have what it takes to find the desired image.

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The advanced technology in search engines allows us to search for images simply by its visual appearance. In that manner, we made a list of the best search engines for finding visually similar images, without even entering their actual names.

The best visual search engines

Google Images

google image search

Google is the most powerful search engine in the world, there’s no question about that. Along with its other advanced search techniques, Google also has a mechanism of searching for a particular image by the visual appearance.

To search Google by image, open go to google.com, click on the camera button in the search bar, and enter the image’s URL. Google will then automatically search the internet for any visually similar images.

Searching Google by images appears to be the most effective in Google Chrome as you can perform the search simply by right-clicking the image and choosing the “Search Google for image” option. The “Ask Cortana” option in Microsoft Edge does the same thing, but it still doesn’t provide as accurate results as Google.

So, if Google Chrome is your main browser, using “Search Google for image” is the most effective options. However, if you’re using another browser, you might check other search engines from this list, as well.



TinEye is one of the longest standing image search engines on the internet. Using TinEye is even simpler than using Google Images. You just open the site, enter the image’s URL, and the site will search for it through over 16 million indexed images.

Although TinEye works pretty good, Google Images actually did better according to our tests. If you’re looking for your online double, TineEye probably won’t find them for you.

TonEye’s best feature is its MulticolorEngine. This feature allows you to search for images by the combination of colors. You choose two colors, and TinEye will show you all images that contain these two colors. This is a great option for coming up with new ideas, and discovering new images that might be useful to you. But keep in mind, ThinEye will only search for images with Creative Commons.

Bing Image Match

bing image match

Microsoft’s search engine also has its own image-searching mechanism. Bing Image Match works the same way other image search engines do. You just enter the image’s URL or upload your own picture, and Bing will do the search for you.

Binge Image Match doesn’t appear to be as accurate as Google, but it’s still a very decent choice. The only thing that will probably cost Bing some users is the fact that Bing Image Match is not available in all countries worldwide.

CC Search


CC Search is the search engine that only allows you to search for Creative Commons material. Its main purpose, of course, is to find visually similar images that match your search. However, even after you find the desired image, you need to make sure you’re actually allowed to use that image. We can say that guys from CC Search really care about legality.

CC Search is not an image-searching engine only. You can also search for other material like videos, clip art, music, and more. Of course, it will only show you content under Creative Commons.

Do you know about some other awesome image search engine tools? Let us know in the comments.


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