7 Ways to Fix Verizon Fios When It’s Not Working [WiFi issues]

Note that changing the DNS server address often helps

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  • Nowadays, everything is carried out online post the pandemic, be it online classes or office meetings.
  • Many Verizon Fios users started getting internet issues where users are unable to access the internet at all.
  • Checking the data plans or restarting the router can be beneficial in fixing this issue.

Verizon Communications released Verizon Fios in 2005, which works within the USA, and the service was given over an optical fiber network.

This is the best possible network service provider since optical fiber is faster than cable-wired networks.

Many Verizon Fios users are experiencing this issue with their network, where they cannot access any of its services. Suddenly, it stopped working, and they were unsure why and how it happened.

Some also got error codes while trying to access the Verizon Fios network on their system, and here is the guide on how to quickly fix them.

How do I find out if there is a Verizon outage in my area?

To know whether there is a Verizon outage in your area, sign in to your Verizon account first. Then, you might see an alert notification icon at the top of your home page.

You can type and enter network outage in the Chatbox to get more information.

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Why is my Fios not working?

Many Fios users are facing problems while using the Fios network connection on their system. The potential reasons for causing the problem are listed down:

  • Fios router – If the router has some internal faults or physical damage, it might cause Fios internet not to work on the system.
  • Ethernet cable – When the cable wire that connects the network to the Fios router gets broken, which can also be the reason for such problems.
  • Outdated router firmware – Outdated router software can create many issues with the router, contributing to a problem discussed above.
  • Data pack – If the data pack for your Verizon Fios account gets lapsed or expires, you might need to renew it again for the Fios network to work.
  • Problem with the system/device – If the Windows system is outdated, Fios internet problems may occur.
  • Verizon outage – Due to some technical faults or disturbances, Verizon Fios outage happens in certain areas, leading to problems like the internet not working, etc.

How do I fix Fios if it’s not working?

1. Restart the router

When the router gets stuck, it creates problems like the internet signal is not accessible. So, switch off the router’s power, and the router gets turned off. Wait for a few minutes, then check the router device to see if this works.

In addition, you can try resetting the router device by pressing the reset button at the rear of the router. Unfortunately, this will clear all the router data, and you may have to re-login with your credentials.

2. Change the DNS server address

  1. Press the Windows key and type view network connections.
  2. Select View network connections from the search results.

  3. Once the Network Connections page is open, right-click on the network and select Properties from the context menu.

  4. Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list of items and click Properties.

  5. In the Properties window, select the following DNS server addresses radio button.
  6. Enter 8 8 8 8 in the Preferred DNS server and 8 8 4 4 in the Alternate DNS server, and then click OK.

  7. Close all other open windows.

3. Check the cable wire

This happens rarely, but there is a chance that the cable wire that connects the network to the router that emits the internet network signal gets broken or damaged.

So we advise you to check for the cable wire, and if it is broken, replace it with the new one.

4. See if there is a Verizon outage

  1. Open the web browser app on your system.
  2. Visit the Verizon service outage support page.
  3. Click Sign in to open the sign-in page.

  4. Enter the User ID and Password and then click the Sign in button.

  5. You should now see the service outage notification alert icon on the top of the page. This means you have a Verizon Fios outage in your area.
  6. You can then raise a ticket regarding this issue, and they will provide you with the estimated time within which the outage problem shall be resolved.

5. Renew the data pack

When Verizon Fios’s data pack for your account expires, Verizon forbids users from accessing the internet service they provided.

Therefore, we suggest you sign in to your Verizon Fios account and check for the data plan. If the data plan is expired, please renew it to access the internet.

6. Perform the DNS Flush

  1. Press the Windows and R keys together and type cmd.

    cmd-run ark unable to query server info for invite
  2. Next, you must simultaneously press the Ctrl, Shift and Enter keys on your keyboard.
  3. This prompts the UAC console on the screen, which you must accept by clicking Yes.
  4. Once the Command Pompt window is open, execute the below commands one by one:

    ipconfig /flushdns

    ipconfig /release

    ipconfig /renew

  5. After the commands are executed successfully, close the Command Prompt window.

7. Check for Windows updates

  1. Press the Windows and R keys together, which opens the run box.
  2. Type ms-settings:windowsupdate and press Enter.

    Run Windows Update
  3. This opens the Windows Update page on the system.
  4. Click Check for updates which you can find on the top right corner of the Windows Update page.

    unexpected store exception windows 11
  5. It then starts checking for any new updates for your Windows system.
  6. If there are any new updates, please download and install them all.
  7. Once done, close the Windows Updates page and reboot your system.

What lights should be on Fios ONT?

The color of the lights on Fios ONT represents the status of the Fios internet network. Therefore, analyzing the Fios ONT lights is very important. Here is the meaning of each of the colors:

  • Green – Fios network is NORMAL, and if the light is flashing, it’s on battery mode.
  • Red – You have to contact the carrier and get it fixed immediately.

How do I report no service to Verizon?

You can visit the Verizon contact us page and contact them by clicking on the Chat now button and dropping a message reporting no service in your area.

Alternatively, you can call them at 1.800.VERIZON (1.800.837.4966). You can also ask one of their representatives to call you back by scheduling it on the Verizon homepage after signing in using your credentials.

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