Mozilla promises its users more privacy through MAC and VPN

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • If you were thinking about joining a browser that offers better privacy, you're in luck.
  • Mozilla just announced that it combined two features to improve the overall safety.
  • Developers just combined Multi Account-Containers with VPN, for improved privacy.
  • Actually, Mozilla officials described this combo as a smart, unique privacy solution.

If there’s one thing Mozilla generally places great emphasis on, its individual privacy and security in its Firefox browser.

For those who remember, back in 2017, the company released a Multi-Account Containers add-on, which enables you to sandbox different aspects of your life. T

However, today, Mozilla announces that it is combining this add-on with Mozilla VPN to further enhance your privacy. How’s that for some great news?

Multi-Account Containers and VPN combined up for extra privacy

Multi-Account Containers have been extremely popular in its user base as people have been successfully able to containerize their online lives, according to Mozilla.

Users can personalize their containers in different ways and categorize them as needed too, if that’s what they trully want.

Keep in mind that website cookies between containers are obviously isolated so you can sign into the same site with different accounts in different containers.

Users have the ability to configure different exit servers for each container, and the goal here is to add another layer of privacy to your online personas, through the Mozilla VPN integration.

An exacmple of how one might use this is to set one container to your current location, and set another container to the location of your loved ones, so that you can order gifts for them online and have them delivered quickly.

Needless to say, there are tons of other more privacy-focused scenarios where Mozilla’s VPN integration with Multi-Account Containers would be useful too.

The company has actually described this combo as a unique privacy solution that is only available in Firefox, just to help nudge potential new users in the right direction.

Mozilla VPN’s multi-hop feature that enables users to configure two VPN servers instead of just one is now also available on Android and iOS, following its initial release on desktop in September 2021.

Although this is not set in stone, this is primarily meant for journalists, political activists, and other high-value people.

Is this a feature tht would make you consider switching to Firefox, from you current browser? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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