Mozilla Firefox may get built-in password export capability

Don Sharpe
by Don Sharpe
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  • Mozilla Firefox is getting a built-in password export capability in the future.
  • The update comes to Firefox Nightly before the stable version of the browser.
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Firefox built-in password backup

A Bugzilla thread indicates that Mozilla Firefox is getting a built-in password export capability in the future. The feature should enable users to export their browser-saved security credentials in the form of a CSV file.

Right now, you cannot export your passwords natively within the browser. You’d have to use a third-party extension if you wanted to do that.

Exporting password in Mozilla Firefox

About 16 years ago, a user posted to the Mozilla Bugzilla forum a request to build a password export capability into Firefox.

It should be nice if a button shows in the password manager that gives the functionality to export/backup saved passwords to a file.

Well, developers at Mozilla are finally working to satisfy that request, although it’s not clear why it took them this long. Probably, very few people have been asking the company to add that feature over the years.

Anyway, very soon, Firefox Nightly will get the ability to natively export saved passwords. Regular users may have to wait a little longer before they can use the feature though.

Why export saved passwords?

Do you usually save your website passwords in your browser? Doing that allows your browser’s password manager to quickly autofill your credentials every time you log in.

What about backing up your login details just in case of data loss? Exporting your saved user name and secret combination as a CSV file is one of the most reliable ways to do that.

Also, you may want to export passwords for use on another platform or even password manager.

When the stable version of Firefox gets the update, you’ll not need to install an extension to transfer your login data to any other platform.

Firefox has a host of other features and enhancements coming to it, including the ability to view blocked internet resources.

What’s your experience with third-party tools for exporting passwords in Mozilla Firefox? You can always let us know in the comments section below.