How to fit laptop screen on TV over HDMI [QUICK GUIDE]

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Fit laptop screen to TV

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You can connect your Windows laptop to TV Using HDMI – HDMI cable. This allows the users to display contents from their screen onto the TV. While the process of connecting a TV and a computer appears to be simple, at times you may face difficulties with the display size. The images on the TV may appear distorted or smaller than you would like it to be. And it’s, obviously, important to fit laptop screen on TV.

If you are trying to connect your laptop to the TV and facing display resolution issues, this guide will help you to resolve it with ease.

We’ve written extensively on HDMI connectivity issues. Check out these guides for more information. 

How do I make my HDMI full-screen Windows 10?

  1. Begin with connecting your TV to your computer using the HDMI cable. The HDMI cables are capable of transmitting both the HD and digital audio files.
  2. Make sure you have changed the TV’s input source to the port to which your computer is connected. You should know it is successfully connected when you see your computer screen is mirrored onto your TV.
  3. Now you need to check your TVs native resolutions. You should be aware of the supported resolution if you bought the TV yourself. Also, most of the TVs have HD, Full HD and 4K branding on the panels to highlights the features. For more help, refer to the manual that came with your TV.
  4. In the Windows screen, move the cursor in the bottom right corner and move it up.
  5. Right-click on the Desktop and select Display Settings.
  6. Make sure you have selected the proper resolution. If your TV and Laptop screen resolution is same then leave it as it is.
  7. Now click on the Scale and Layout section and try to change the layout from 100% to 200% or whatever is available.
    Custom Scaling Windows 10 Screen
  8. If the issue persists, Click on Advanced scaling Settings.
  9. In the “Enter a custom scaling Size between 100%-500%” field, start with entering 100% and gradually improve until you find the right scaling size.
  10. Click on Apply to save the changes.

By following the above steps you should be able to connect your TV to laptop via HDMI and fit laptop screen to the TV. Do let us know if you were able to fit your laptop screen to TV by following the steps in this article.



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