How to fix corrupted GoPro video files

Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams
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GoPro Hero cameras are versatile cameras for action video recording and photography that enable users to capture footage from a wide variety of angles. Nevertheless, GoPro videos, which are typically MP4s, can get corrupted when a connection between SD card and camera is unexpectedly lost. For example, video footage might get corrupted if the GoPro camera runs out of batteries when recording. Here are a few potential fixes for corrupted GoPlay MP4 videos.

How to repair corrupted GoPro videos on Windows 10

  1. Fix Corrupted Files With GoPro SOS
  2. Check Out
  3. Fix Corrupted GoPro Clips With Video Repair Software
  4. Fix GoPro MP4s With VLC

1. Fix Corrupted Files With GoPro SOS

GoPro cameras index videos for playback as you record them. If the video suddenly stops recording unexpectedly, you’ll be left with a corrupted file that isn’t fully indexed. GoPro cameras include an SOS signal with which users can repair corrupted files.

To fix videos with SOS, insert the SD card that includes the corrupted video in the GoPro camera. Turn on the camera. The camera might then display an SOS signal, bicycle or + repair icon on its LCD to highlight that it detected a corrupted file. If so, press any camera button when you see the repair icons or SOS signal to initiate a corrupted file repair; and wait until the camera stops blinking red.

2. Check Out

If GoPro SOS doesn’t fix the clip, check out the web app. That’s a web app which repairs corrupted or truncated MP4 and MOV files recorded with GoPro cameras and other models. You can fix corrupted videos with as follows.

  • Click here to open the page in your browser.
  • Then copy the corrupted video from the GoPro storage card to your desktop or laptop.
  • Click the Upload your broken video button to select the corrupted file.

  • Press the Open button on the Open window.
  • will then show you a preview of the repaired video file when fixed. You can press the play button to playback a preview.

  • Then click the Full Fixed Video option.
  • A $6 Paypal transfer is required to download a fixed video. Press the Continue button to make that transfer.

  • Thereafter, you can click a download button to save the full video.

3. Fix Corrupted GoPro Clips With Video Repair Software

There are numerous video repair software you can utilize to fix GoPro MP4 footage. Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is one package the fixes various video file formats, such as MP4, MOV, F4V and M4V. The full version is available for 69.99. You can check if the software will fix your corrupt video by clicking the Free Download button on this page to try out the demo.

Repair Video Master is another notable video repair toolkit for Windows. That software repairs a wide variety of video formats. You can fix any number of corrupted MP4s with Repair Video Master for 15 days with the trial version by clicking Download on this webpage. The full version of the software is retailing at $99.

4. Fix GoPro MP4s With VLC

  • You can also utilize the freeware VLC media player to repair GoPro MP4s by transcoding the videos to alternative formats. Click Download VLC on this page to add the media player to Windows.
  • Open the VLC media player window.

  • Click Media and select the Convert / Save option.
  • Next, add the corrupted MP4 file to transcode and click Convert / Save.
  • Click Browse to select a destination file path for the transcoded video.
  • Choose a codec to transcode it to from the Profile drop-down menu.
  • You can click the Edit Selected Profile button to check the settings for it.
  • Press the Start button to transcode the video.
  • Thereafter, try playing transcoded clip in VLC.

Those are a few resolutions that will probably fix corrupted GoPro MP4s so you can play them in media players. Remember, however, that a video isn’t necessarily always corrupted if a media player doesn’t play it. You might need to adjust some software setting or add a codec pack instead. This post provides resolutions for fixing media software that doesn’t play MP4 clips.