Sling DVR not working? Follow these steps to fix it fast

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Sling TV is one of the most famous Internet television services in the US, owned by Dish Network and it's available on many devices and platforms. 
  • If you reached the maximum recording capacity, the oldest recordings, the ones which are not protected, will be deleted to make room for new recordings. 
  • Sling is pretty simple to install and use. However, if you have any problems with it or you just need some extra info, check our Sling TV section
  • Streaming is love, streaming is happiness, streaming is life. Read all about it from our Streaming Hub.
Sling DVR not working
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Sling TV, is one of the most famous Internet television services in the US, owned by Dish Network and it’s available on many devices and platforms. With Sling’s Cloud DVR, you can record movies, full series, your favorite episodes of your favorite shows, and more. 

However, lately, there were a lot of users complaining about Sling DVR not working. If you set it to record any shows or movies, sometimes, you don’t find them afterward in the Recordings ribbon on your My TV screen.

How can I fix the Sling DVR not working?

The first thing you need to do is to go to the full recordings menu. To do that, select Settings, then go to DVR.

Another thing is to check if your Cloud DVR isn’t at capacity. If you reached the maximum recording capacity, the oldest recordings, the ones which are not protected, will be deleted to make room for new recordings. To check your recording quota, go to the Recordings menu from My TV screen and select My DVR. 

You can also check your current Cloud DVR subscription just to be sure you have enough space to record the programming you want. You can check that in your Sling app by going to Settings > Account.

The free Cloud DVR offers only 10 hours of recording while upgrading to Cloud DVR Plus you will have 50 hours of recording for $5 per month.

Sling Cloud DVR storage capacity
If you switched from Cloud DVR Plus to Cloud DVR Free recently, make sure that you didn’t have any protected recordings stored. If those add up to more than the free 10 hours of cloud storage, you will not be able to make new recordings.

If you’re still unable to locate your recording, check the channel you recorded the program from to see if it’s available On-Demand. That will at least get you the show you were trying to see in the first place.

Record all episodes

Apparently, to ensure that you record the new episodes from a show it’s not recommended to choose to record  new episodes only because for some shows there is no new symbol next to the show and the system ignores them.

So, if you want to make sure that you record them, set the recording to all episodes. This should solve this problem,

Perform a power cycle

If you still can’t record any shows and you can’t see the recordings, it would be a good idea to perform a power cycle for the whole system.

To do that, switch off all your devices, including your modem or router, and fully unplug them. Wait a few minutes, then plug them back in and switch them on again and see if the recordings are working.

Usually, a power cycle helps and there’s no need for further troubleshooting. However,  if the problem persists try the next solution.

We hope that these solutions will help you solve this issue. If not, you will need to contact support.

If you have any other solutions or questions, please drop us a line in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, Sling Cloud DVR is available on all Sling supported devices. All the packages come with 10 hours of free recording. If that’s not enough for you, you can buy an extra 40 hours for $5 a month.

  • A clear bar shows you that you can’t fast-forward, rewind, or pause the video. To use this feature while you’re using a streaming device or a console, press corresponding buttons on your device remote or controller.

  • To make sure you’re recording exactly as you want, go to the My TV tab to manage your recordings. Scroll down to the Recordings ribbon under the My Channels ribbon. You will see the most recent recordings. Scroll right to the end of the ribbon to My DVR to manage the recordings.

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