This is how you can fix most Watch Dogs: Legion issues

by Teodor Nechita
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Watch Dogs is a game franchise created by Ubisoft that has been entertaining gamers around the world since 2014.

Well, the third entry in the franchise, also known as Watch Dogs: Legion was launched on October 29 2020, and players swarmed on all of the available platforms to take a swing at it.

Unfortunately, like any game that has just been launched, bugs are plenty, and players aren’t too happy about them.

Fortunately, some of these can be dealt with, and we will be showcasing some of the most common bugs and how to handle them so that you can finally enjoy saving London!

How do I fix the most common Watch Dogs: Legion bugs?

1. Audio keeps cutting out

While visual bugs are the main theme of the game, the audio also seems to be having some problems, as reported by some players.

For example, many have been reporting that their audio would randomly cut out, becoming frustrating eventually:

The audio keeps cutting out for a second in my game and its really annoying does anyone have any ideas how to fix.


Try updating your audio drivers to the latest version, and restart the game afterward.

The fastest way to update your drivers is via a third-party tool like DriverFix.

It gets the job done fast, efficiently, and it handles all of your drivers, not just the audio ones.

Get DriverFix

2. Hitting obstacles while on scooters makes you lose control

Vehicle control is important in Watch Dogs: Legion and many players have been reporting that they sometimes randomly lose control of their vehicles when they hit bumps and curves, as showcased in this video.


Unfortunately, this erratic behavior is all because of bad coding, so a player’s only option is to wait for a patch fix, or simply be more careful with how they drive.

3. Issues with the auto-save

Many players reported losing progress with the game because the auto-save function didn’t trigger once.

This can cause a lot of frustration, especially if you binge-play for long hours, knowing that the auto-save should be working:

So apparently the game didn’t save a single time over the course of like 4 missions, recruiting’s, and exploring London etc


Until the auto-save issue is fixed in the next patch, players will need to periodically save their game manually after each important event just to be extra safe.

4. Underwater environments are glitched

Many gamers posted videos of themselves jumping into water inside Watch Dogs: Legion only to show that beneath the surface, the entire environment is rendered as if there was no water.

This means that once players dive under the surface, they can simply walk or run along the bottom as if on land.


Since this is obviously an error in the game’s code, a complete reinstall or a patch fix are the only things that can fix it.

5. The player gets attacked by invisible assailants

Players also showcased videos where the NPCs would sometimes turn invisible, which can be quite troublesome when you are engaged in a fight with them.


Luckily enough, while the NPC itself is invisible, their shadow isn’t, so if you draw them out somewhere with light, you can still fight them by directing your attacks in the direction of where their body should be compared to their shadow.

6. Game shows a BSoD on PS4 and PS4 Pro

Second only to games that don’t save, games that crash are probably the worst thing that a player can encounter.

Well, that’s what many PlayStation players have been reporting, as they state that their game would show a blue screen of death, and then crash altogether:

WDL has crashed on my PS4 pro like 4 times all with the same error code (ce-34878-0) is anyone else having this issue


Players could try one of the following to remediate this problem:

  • Re-download and install the game from scratch
  • Reset their PS4/PS4 Pro console the download the game
  • Wait for a patch fix

7. Game saves get corrupted and voices glitch out

In one video showcased on Reddit, one user showed how their character would speak using an AI voice instead of a regular pre-recorded one.


Given that this is nothing but a coding problem, the only solution is for players to wait for Ubisoft to release a patch as soon as possible.

8. Game crashes on Xbox

Xbox players aren’t spared from the bugs either, as they have been reporting that their game would always crash at important moments, effectively not allowing them to progress with the story.

I’ve played it for a while now and it keeps on crashing at important moments and one of the crashes stops me from completing a level altogether. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if anyone can help me fix it.


As with the PS4 BSoDs, Xbox players are left with three solutions:

  • Re-install the game
  • Reset their console, update its firmware, and then re-install the game
  • Wait for a patch fix

9. Watch Dogs: Legion Ultimate Edition content disappears

Yet another issue where players lose content, many have been reporting that once they load back into the game, any Ultimate Edition content they may have had disappeared without a trace:

I played for about 2 hours last night and had all the ultimate edition content (the new operators etc) but when I logged in today it was all gone? 


Unfortunately, players will just have for Ubisoft to patch this one up.

These are just some of the most common bugs that players have been reporting so far regarding Watch Dogs: Legion.

We will be updating the list periodically, adding new issues and relevant solutions to them as soon as they appear.

Have you tried Watch Dogs: Legion yet?

Let us know how you would rate the game from a quality point of view by leaving us your feedback in the comments section below.

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