How to fix ‘This website might not be trusted by your browser’ error

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Depending on the web browser you use and the security settings applied, you can end up in experiencing different network errors while trying to access a certain webpage. Now, these errors might appear even when the web page is 100% secured.

Among the most common network issues we can include ‘This website might not be trusted by your browser’ pop-up message. If you are sure that the error occurred while you try to navigate towards a trusted webpage, don’t hesitate and learn how to add that website to the browser ‘trusted sites’ list.

How to fix ‘This website might not be trusted by your browser’ error on Windows 10

As already outlined, this system alert can be addressed if you include the webpage into your browser ‘trusted sites’ list. And here is how you can do that on the most popular web browser apps available for Windows 10:

Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome and click on the Menu icon.
  2. From the list that will be displayed click on Settings.
  3. From the Settings page scroll down until you find the Advanced option; click on proxy settings chrome
  4. Again, scroll down within advanced settings until you see the Open proxy settings; select this entry.
  5. From Internet Properties switch to Security tab.
  6. Click on the Trusted Sites icon and then access Sites from beneath.trusted websites google chrome
  7. When asked enter the URL of your trusted webpage and when done click on Add.
  8. Save your changes and restart the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Run Firefox on your Windows 10 device.
  2. Then, from the upper right corner click on the three horizontal lines in order to bring the Menu list.
  3. From there select Options.
  4. Navigate towards Security from the left side of the Settings window.
  5. Click on Exceptions and enter the URLs that you want to include in the ‘trusted list’.
  6. That should be all; you might need to restart your Firefox software before being able to navigate towards the recent added webpage.

Microsoft Edge

Unfortunately, on Microsoft Edge the ‘trusted sites’ facility can’t be accessed because it’s not featured within the browser. What you can do is to add the webpage as a trusted site in Internet Explorer and re-open it afterwards in Microsoft Edge. We know that this is not a real fix, but for now, that’s all you can do.

Here is how you can add trusted sites in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open IE and click on the Menu icon.
  2. Then, select Internet Settings from the list that will be displayed.IE internet options
  3. From Internet Options window you need to switch to Security tab (the second tab from the left).
  4. Click on the Trusted sites icon in order to activate this field.
  5. And then click on the Sites button from beneath.trusted sites IE
  6. Add the pages you want to include in the ‘trusted sites’ list.
  7. Save all your changes and close the browser.

Similar steps can be followed on other web browser clients too. The general idea remains the same: when getting ‘This website might not be trusted by your browser’ security alert, you need to include the affected webpage into the trusted sites list; otherwise the web browser will prevent any further access.

Now, you know how a certain webpage can be added to the ‘trusted list’. So, that’s how you can fix the annoying ‘This website might not be trusted by your browser’ pop-up error. Remember that you should always choose to set additional security settings for making sure that your files and your identity is protected.

In that matter, we recommend you to enable Firewall protection and to install a antivirus or antimalware software with browsing filtering features activated.

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