The latest For Honor Patch cripples Shugoki, fails to fix many issues

By: Ivan Jenic
4 minute read

Ubisoft recently released a new For Honor patch. Patch 1.03 is now available on all platforms and while players hoped for fixes for some of the more common issues, the new patch actually does more harm than good.

Ubisoft forums are full of reports from players about various problems caused by the most recent For Honor patch. So, in case you haven’t installed the new patch yet, keep reading this article so you can know what to expect from it.

For Honor Shugoki bugs

It appears that Shugoki is the champion that suffers the most from the recent bug. One user of the forums listed the most serious issues caused by this update that cripple the character. Here’s the complete list of the problems:

Blocking attacks don’t work

Perhaps the most annoying bug is the inability to block attacks. Namely, even if executed correctly, a player controlling Shugoki will somehow fail to block the attack and will suffer damage. This makes the game almost impossible to play with Shugoki.

“Blocking attack (light / heavy) sometimes fail so you get hit even when correct guard! This happens a lot especially when fighting fast enemies. Even when you block first attack, you can get hit with second even from same direction! Yesterday it happens lots of time (almost in every match)!”

The Charge of the Oni doesn’t start

The Charge of the Oni can be an effective special move, but only if you can perform it correctly. This doesn’t happen to be the case after installing Patch 1.03, at least according to this player:

“First problem is that sometimes it not start Charge of the Oni, but only do front dodge roll. So the enemy have nice 2-3 second to land free attack
Second problem is that you just run through enemy and nothing happens. Bug happens when enemy do some kind of attack?! I do not know, but Shugoki just run through model and enemy just stand still.
Third problem is that some BOTs (and maybe players) can guardbreak this special move! You charge towards the enemy but in front of them Charge of the Oni stops and you get guardbreak. Happens lots of time against BOTs.”

Headbutt doesn’t work

Another move that appears to be broken in Patch 1.03 is the Headbutt:

“Simply it not work. If I have luck, I can land around 20% of Headbutts after successful light / heavy hit. It even not do a guardbreak. Your model just stand still and do nothing! In Open beta I never had a problem with this move and land Headbutt in almost every situation!”

Camera clutter

And finally, this player says there’s something really wrong with the camera when you’re pushed into a corner:

“If you are pushed into a corner camera start do a chaotic move to find better point of view but fighting while camera flying through obstacles / walls is hard. You can not clearly see enemy model.”

Other For Honor 1.03 issues

Apart from Shugoki issues, the new patch also causes some problems related to other elements of the game. These problems are even more annoying because they affect a wider range of users and makes the game almost impossible to play for them.

Connection issues

The biggest For Honor problem so far is connectivity, which is unfortunate since the game’s main feature is multiplayer. And while players hoped for the new patch to resolve connection issues, it seems things only got worse:

“Annnd nothing addressing the disconnect issues. I love this game but  etting dropped from a game 20% of the time is the reason I’m trading it in as soon as ME:A drops.”

Since connection issues are still present and there’s no confirmed solution for any of them right now, Ubisoft definitely needs to do more work to provide a better online experience to players.

Random kick outs

Another bug that prevents For Honor players from playing the game normally is random kickoffs:

“Anyone having issues staying in games after the patch? It’s close to impossible for me to get through a game now without being kicked. And it seems to happen when someone quits (or maybe they’ve gotten kicked first).”

We can now only hope that Ubisoft will release a new patch that actually solves some problems without causing the new ones.

In case you’ve also encountered problems after installing For Honor Patch 1.03, feel free to let us know in the comments.


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