8 Best In-Browser Beat Makers To Create Free Music

Check out Soundtrap in combination with Opera

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  • Creating beats doesn't require expensive equipment or software, users can make beats right from their browser.
  • There are beat makers designed for both experienced music producers and beginners looking start. 
  • Use Opera browser for the best in-browser beat making experience.
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Making music straight from your PC has never been easier. With the advancement of technology and music, creating beats no longer has to take place in a studio with a bunch of expensive equipment.

This article will look at the best free Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and beat makers that you can use right from your browser. There is no need to download music production software.

The DAW websites on this list are accessible and free for all to use. Some are more complex and in-depth than others, so keep reading to find the best free in-browser beat maker for you.

Is there a free beat creator in a browser?

One of the most popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) for music production and education, Soundtrap is an incredible beat producer. Users are able to do more than only make great beats with it; they can also record their creations and work together with other people.

Audiotool is another digital audio workstation (DAW) that is common among music producers. This music-making program that runs in a browser is extraordinarily sophisticated and provides all of the professional capabilities that may be envisioned.

Moreover, the Sampulator is an excellent tool for the production of rapid rhythms. This digital audio workstation makes it possible for users to immediately begin producing beats.

So the answer is a clear YES. There are lots of free beat creator software in a browser that you can use right away!

How can I make my own music online for free?

Simply follow our guide to choosing a beat-making software, then visit their website and follow the steps presented on the screen. You can also check out YouTube tutorials on how to make your first beat.

What browser is best for making beats?

For the best beat-making experience, we recommend using Opera. This Chromium-based browser is fast, secure, and reliable. It has unbeatable speed and performance while taking up less space on your PC and consuming less memory.

With a built-in ad-blocker and unlimited VPN, users are secure while browsing. It also has a visually appealing, highly customizable user interface

Opera also has several messenger services integrated, which users can access from the convenient sidebar. This allows users to easily stay connected on socials while browsing or in this case, making beats.


Stay in touch with your socials with the sidebar while creating beats using Opera.

What are the best in-browser beat makers?

Soundtrap best in-browser beat maker.

Soundtrap is an amazing in-browser beat maker and one of the most used DAWs for learning and creating music. It does more than allow users to create catchy beats; creators can also record and collaborate with others.

This in-browser DAW offers an extensive range of tools and instruments for experienced producers, but also isn’t intimidating for beginners. It is considered the best website for teaching and learning.

Soundtrap for Education is a version made specifically for students or those looking to learn everything there is to know about music and podcast production.

Soundtrap is the best website for making beats for those looking to take music to the next level. It is free to use but offers more features to monthly subscribers.

Key features of Soundtrap:

  • Record and collaborate with others
  • Extensive range of tools and instruments
  • Offers a version for education and podcasters
  • Easy learning curve

Get Soundtrap

Audiotool – Extremely detailed

Audiotool is another popular DAW amongst music producers. This in-browser music maker is extremely detailed and offers all of the professional music-making tools imagined.

Users can make beats from scratch or import them from your PC to remix. However, it is not the most beginner-friendly software out there. It will definitely take some time to learn all of the tools and features and is not designed for cranking out a quick beat.

However, there are a number of tutorials available directly on the website to help users get started. It’s great for those looking to pursue music production professionally and who don’t know where to start.

Save and share creations in the cloud and the Audiotool community.

Key features of Audiotool:

  • Professional music production tools
  • Start from scratch or import
  • Tutorials available on the website
  • Share creations with the community

Get Audiotool

Sampulator – 46 free audio samples

Sampulator beatmaker

Sampulator is perfect for producing quick beats. This keyboard-controlled online beat maker allows users to jump right in and start making beats. Sampulator has 46 audio samples that you can start using and playing with right away.

With a straightforward interface, Sampulator is perfect for beginners or someone just wanting to make a quick beat without the hassle of learning complicated tools or software.

Creations can be downloaded for free, but users will need to sign up using a Twitter account.

Key features of Sampulator:

  • Produce quick beats
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Keyboard control
  • Free downloads

Get Sampulator

BandLab – Sleek interface

BandLab music maker

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BandLab is another great cloud-based beat maker. Use BandLab’s virtual instruments to record, edit, and mix music.

BandLab is also a social media platform that allows users to share their creations and interact with others. Creators can also write lyrics and do vocal recordings that can be edited. Remember to enable your microphone on your PC if recording directly from your computer.

The interface is sleek and easy to understand without compromising advanced features and tools.

Key features of BandLab:

  • Wide selection of virtual instruments
  • Duals as a music social media platform
  • Write lyrics and record vocals
  • Sleek interface

Get BandLab

Splice Beatmaker – Beginner-friendly DAW

Splice Beatmaker

Splice Beatmaker is a beginner-friendly music maker that allows users to produce music instantly without prior production or software experience. It has a sleek and simple interface while still offering a lot of tools and instruments.

Offering a library of royalty-free samples from popular artists, users can remix them. Creators can also use the Beatmaker to start from scratch.

Users can save their beat for free to share via a URL, but they need a paid subscription to download their creation.

Key features of Splice Beatmaker:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Library of royalty-free samples
  • Collaboration opportunities via community

Get Splice Beatmaker

Boomy – AI based

Boomy AI music maker

Boomy is a beat maker that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create and save original songs.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a talent for creating catchy beats out of thin air, or maybe you don’t want to learn all the complicated tools, then Boomy is for you.

Pick the genre, instruments, and style, then let AI curate a cohesive sound. It’s extremely simple and easy to create original beats without the need to master the skill.

Perfect for those who just need something quick. Users can even release their original songs on Spotify.

Key features of Boomy:

  • Uses artificial intelligence
  • Customize style, genre, and instruments
  • Requires no music background
  • Release creations to Spotify

Get Boomy

Signal MIDI Editor – Over 100 instruments to choose from

Signal MIDI editor for beat making

Signal MIDI Editor is a free MIDI in-browser editor that is great for beat-making. It’s not too simple, but also not too complex with a user-friendly interface.

Users upload MIDI files and modify them. There are also over 100 instruments for creators to choose from. Creations saved as a WAV file allow users to listen to them on their smartphones.

Signal MIDI Editor can also be downloaded as an app for users that prefer to work from their desktop.

Key features of Signal MIDI Editor:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Access to over 100 instruments
  • Save files as WAV for smartphone compatibility
  • Desktop version available

Get Signal MIDI Editor

SnapJam – Simple interface

SnapJam beatmaker

SnapJam allows users to collaborate and record online straight from their browser. Users can record their own instrumentals or choose from SnapJam’s library of free sounds and loops.

SnapJam’s simplicity makes it easy for beginners to start and its variety of tools caters to experienced beat makers. Users can share their creations with other members of the community using SnapJam’s Music Social Network.

Key features of SnapJam:

  • Collaborate with others
  • Upload own instrumentals
  • Library of free-to-use sounds and loops
  • SnapJam community

Get SnapJam

Do I need an instrument to make beats?

No, all you need is a laptop and some creativity. The beat makers on this list are free to use and operate in your browser. Users don’t need to download any heavy software or buy expensive tools and instruments to start.

Record directly into beat maker

If you do have an instrument that you want to incorporate into your beat-making, most DAWs allow users to record directly to the website. If you have an electric instrument, then it’s easy to hook it up to your PC and record.

Users can also download software for virtual musical instruments. This software allows users to emulate musical instruments without needing to buy them or spend hours learning how to use them.

We hope this list helped you decide what in-browser beat maker to use to make music. This list offers beat makers that cater to experienced music producers as well as beginners who are just starting.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment in the section below. Thanks for reading!

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