Hostel Management Software [Best Free & Paid in 2023]

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In this age, hostel management software is more of a necessity than a convenience. These days most people (especially the younger generation) prefer to book accommodation in advance and online, and by not having modern hostel management software a company has everything to lose.

That said, not one software meets every size. As a result, we have plenty of hostel management systems to choose from. From the most premium and feature-rich solutions to the very basic software that costs nothing, you can easily find the software to manage your property the way you want without extending your budget.

Apart from the fact that hostel management software offers the flexibility of making a reservation online from anywhere, there are other advantages of embracing modern technology for your business.

Some of the premium property management solutions are business partners with services that connect your business to multiple channels offering maximum booking.

In addition, it also brings in the convenience of simplified payments for deposits, analytics and reporting, accounting and compliance, and automation of tasks to save money and better utilization of human resources.

Today, we take a look at the best free software for hostel management. Most of the software in this article are open source solutions and can be used with hotels and hostels alike.

And if you are looking for more premium hostel management software, we have listed a couple of best-paid solutions as well.

What is the best hostel management tool?


hostel management software

Sirvoy is one the best software when it comes to property management including hostels, hotels, motels, B&Bs, lodges & guest houses.

It comes with a package of tools such as a Property Management System, Booking Engine, and a built-in Channel Manager.

Booking Engine includes a calendar overview, printable PDF invoices, statistics, history log, and the housekeeping schedule.

The Channel Manager is one of the most useful features if you have lots of properties listed on multiple platforms such as Booking, Airbnb, Agoda, and many more.

The pricing starts at 9$/month which is a bargain given the features available and the constant updated Sirvoy system gets. Besides that, there is 24/7 customer support and training available in case you have any questions or technical problems.


Allows your visitors to book online using any device, and reservations are totally commission-free for your website.
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HotelDruid is a free and open-source hotel management software. It offers web-based access to customers and property owners to make and accept reservations, manage room availability and documents.

The software is free to use for everyone. However, the free version needs to be hosted on your server. The company also offers a fully managed version of HotelDruid allowing you to focus on your business rather than managing your own server.

The users can configure the number and properties of rooms, periods and rates. You can add extra costs, special offers and restrictions on the rate and the rooms can be automatically assigned with user-defined rules.

Other features offered by the software include customizable documents for receipts, invoices, emails and forms, inventory management, multi-user access with privilege system, online payment feature through PayPal and multi-language support.

The premium version of HotelDruid offers direct technical support, automatic upgrade to a new version, online booking and secure payments, synchronization with Booking, Expedia and other reservation portals, secure 256-bit encryption and a fully managed hosting platform.

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Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System

Abacre Cloud Hotel Mangement System

Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System is a free hotel management solution and runs on Windows computers. The software can be integrated with your hotel’s website to make reservations, payments and more.

Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System is claimed to be 100% free, but a premium version of the non-cloud software exists on the developer’s website with no clear information about the differences between the two versions.

Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System supports multiple currency formats and tax settings. The software can auto-fill common tax-related information for some states and provinces.

The user interface is easy to use for both making reservations and managing it. For optimal security, database files are encrypted with a password; you can assign different role permission to each user account and different visibility options for different users.

For managers and owners, the software offers a rich set of reports showing complete information about sales, payment and automatic tax calculations. You can customize the reports through different parameters.

Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System also comes with features to help you with reconciling cash drawer operation, ability to export daily data, manage shifts with an employee swipe card or employee barcode card for login/logoff, worker time report, inventory adjustment, order management and manage other miscellaneous booking related operations.

Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System is an excellent choice for managing hotels and hostels on your Windows computer.

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NoBeds is a completely free hotel management software solution compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices. If you want, you can only use the cloud-based version of the same to access data from anywhere.

NoBeds also offers premium plans with additional feature such as increased channels synchronization, autocomplete feature, analytics and data recovery options.

The user needs to register to download the software. The installation is a pretty straightforward process. You can use the mobile app if you prefer the convenience of your smartphone.

The dashboard shows a quick status of bookings like arrivals, departures, balance, occupancy status for the week and next week and, current booking details, occupancy, and sales reports, and referral sources.

From the left sidebar, you can navigate through different options including the booking menu, an availability calendar that shows the booking status and occupancy in detail for current and future dates and the Tasks tab for creating new tasks and checking the pending and complete status of any tasks.

You can also access Accounting related information such as New entry, transaction status, and sales report, tweak software settings, tweak channels and view charts from the sidebar.

NoBeds is an excellent choice for small hospitality businesses to manage properties and get online reservations. The premium plans offer more features and are suitable for scaling.

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OTA Hotel Management

OTA Hotel Management software

OTA Hotel Management by e-novate is a free open-source Hotel Management solution for hostels and hotel managers. The software is based on HotelIMIS and it was released in June 2011.

The software is severely limited by features when compared to the commercial paid version of the hotel management software offered by the same developers.  However, for a free version, it checks all the boxes in the basic feature category.

OTA Hotel Management comes with a real-time online booking engine to accept online reservations along with the ability to manage package rates. The software can be translated into multiple languages including Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese.

The dashboard is simple and clean, and the feature doesn’t overwhelm first-time users. You can manage Walk-ups, express reservations and guest check-in from the Book tab.

The admin can also schedule a task for maintenance, room service, etc. and assign a task to each profile. In addition, you can also add a guest profile, create an invoice and export it, manage housekeeping service and generate reports.

OTA Hotel Management is a free service and offers all the basic features to run your hostel or hotel efficiently. However, the premium version of the tool offers more features and makes the process easier.

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Premium Hostel Management Solutions

If the free hostel management software doesn’t seem to meet your requirement, here are some of the best premium hostel management software that you should consider.


  • Price – 15-day free trial / Premium

Sabeeapp is one of the most highly rated and tailor-made software solution for independent hotels, resorts, apartments, and hostels.

It offers front desk system to manage your reservations, invoices, communication, housekeeping, and payments. The channel manager helps to keep your availability and rate always in sync on OTAs and your official website.

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CloudBeds is another popular all-in-one hospitality management system that works similarly to Sabeeapp. It is a premium solution, but you can request a demo on the official website.

You can quickly preview the current status of booking and reservations, occupancy and payment information on the dashboard. Seamless integration with third-party channels means more reservations.

The software syncs with the hotel’s business websites and offers a seamless reservation experience. The users can assign and unassign reservations on the fly, export and import reservations, set up taxes and policies as per their requirement and keep track of reservations sources and referrals.

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Beds24 is a powerful PMS offering flexible and easy use cloud-solution for property managers. It is a premium software and offers a no-obligation free trial to try the software without any risk.

Beds24 seamlessly integrates with third-party channel managers offering better online distribution and reducing the overbooking situations.

The property management system offers a customizable dashboard, a powerful calendar showing real-time availability, bookings, prices, and status of your rooms automated invoicing and reporting and more.

You can also connect to more than one payment gateway to collect payments online or from the walk-in reservation. The payment gateway can accept Credit and debit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin payment and works with payment gateways like Stripe,, Realex, PayPal and more.



Running a successful hospitality business is a time-consuming task. However, by using a good hostel management software, you can easily reduce the workload and save time and money.

The hostel management software offers channel managers, reservation management options including booking, payment, cancellation, occupancy reports and more.

All the free software in this article offers essential features to run a hospitality business with ease. However, if you want more features like more channel manager integration, payment processing systems, priority support, and additional features, the premium software makes more sense.

Have you used any hotel management software before? Do let us know your experience in the comments below.

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