Best software to track sales and improve cashflow [2020 Guide]

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best software track sales

Sales tracking software also help with forecasting, workforce scheduling and optimization, and determining pricing and strategy plans for the company.

There’s a large percentage of companies that still rely on manual methods of tracking their sales like spreadsheets or paper, or even whiteboards. While this may work with offices that get very low sales volumes, it is still not ideal.

Using the traditional ways of tracking sales can lead to poor performance, owing to poor customer experiences, inefficient and ineffective use of sales staff and their time, fewer deals closed, and lower revenue with each deal.

Thankfully, technology has sorted out all these hassles by providing software to track sales. These manage, track and guide each aspect of the sales process with a set of workflows that let the sales staff know where each prospect is at any time, and what steps they should take next.

Today, however, with better integrations and machine learning, some software to track sales can recommend the best follow up actions, and sales teams can get insights into the status and health of their department generally.

Some features you will find with popular sales tracking software include pipeline and cycle management, dashboards, next best actions, a pipeline editor, web-to-lead feature, social media integrations, collaboration tools, and basic content management functions.

Here are the top 5 software to track sales.

Software solutions to keep track of sales


Pipedrive (recommended)


Pipedrive is a web-based software to track sales and manage your business pipeline by planning yoru sales activities and monitoring deals.

It is built with activity-based methodology, and streamlines each sales action that goes into converting a lead or prospect into a successful sale.

Being cloud-based, the sales team and other staff involved can access it from any location and at any time, with any browser or mobile app dedicated towards the same. It also gives full visibility of the different pipelines, through its robust interface which has details of the progress stages per deal and actionable points.

One of its strong features is the activity and goal tool that lets sales teams track pending activities in the pipelines, and gives custom sales reports to monitor single or group level targets, analyze sales data and generate reports that can be used for decision making.

The mailing system is easily and seamlessly integrated with many email providers such as Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo, among others. So your team can send and receive email messages from different accounts using their Pipedrive account.

It also integrates with other leading sales tracking and customer relationship management tools for easy transfer and sharing of contacts, communication history, and other important information, plus integrates with MailChimp, Zapier, Trello and Google Maps.

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Salesforce is an on-demand software to track sales that is available for use by small, medium and enterprise organizations. Its focus is on sales and support, with capabilities such as sales management, marketing automation, customer service, and relationship management amongst partners.

It helps you manage your customer accounts, track leads, conduct and monitor campaigns and provider after sales service.

When used with Outlook, users can synchronize contacts, calendars, emails and tasks in both the email app and Salesforce. Small businesses can also manage their contacts, track sales and deals, manage events and their own sales tasks, and get more leads while tracking performance.

The enterprise tool includes more features such as team-selling, business workflow, setup approval and automation, API integrations, and call scripts among others.

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Zoho CRM software

Zoho is a well known brand in business software and this particular software to track sales is a cloud-based CRM tailored to suit small and medium sized businesses.

Its interfaces includes tools such as customer support, sales tracking and marketing automation, product configuration, reporting, and customer analytics.

With this software, you can use the multichannel support to connect with your customers and prospects via email, live chat, phone or even social media. it also has a gamification feature through which you can gamify the sales process while rewarding active and achieving sales staff who meet and/or surpass their targets.

The mobile app lets you access sales activities and information on customers from any iOS or android devices, while its Blueprint feature helps automate sales processes through workflow and macros definition for regular tasks.

It integrates with existing software such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Sharepoint, with add-on apps for specialized business, collaboration and productivity requirements.

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Hubspot CRM software

Hubspot is another popular marketing and CRM software solution, but this particular one is cloud-based and helps companies track and nurture leads, and perform business metric analysis.

It is available for free and suitable for any business type in various segments such as accounting, construction, and others, offering a real-time view of the whole sales funnel while tracking customer interactions automatically via email, social media or phone.

With this software to track sales, you can create and manage email templates and track their performance, plus send out real-time notifications on events like when a contact opens the email or downloads any attachments.

You can add up to a million contacts, with unlimited users and your free access has no time limit, however, the contacts added may be added to the Hubspot Marketing Hub if used together.

Once you start using it, you’ll also find some free versions available in the paid marketing and sales software so this tool goes over and above what a typical CRM does, so you can improve your sales processes.

It integrates with email providers such as Gmail, GSuite and many Outlook versions.

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This is another cloud-based sales and marketing solution that offers CRM, e-commerce and marketing automation features in a single suite, helping small businesses in different industries deliver on their sales volumes and customer support experiences.

With this software to track sales, you can segment contacts, track customer interactions, send email messages, run marketing campaigns based on email opens, clicks and other variables, manage your e-commerce from inventory, payments, and purchases, plus setup online shopping carts while tracking activity from the online store.

It has reporting and analytics tools that help you analyze variables like emails and campaigns, sales, revenue projections, and others to track the return on investments of your sales activities.

You can also use it remotely as it is cloud-based, with your android or iOS smartphone or tablet, and it integrates with apps such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, Outlook and Gmail.

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Is there a software to track sales that you find very useful and that isn’t mentioned here? Share with us in the comments section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.