How to download Gate Browser in a couple of steps

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by Milan Stanojevic
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how to download gate browser
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There are many great web browsers on the market, but some people prefer to stick to familiar tools that they used in the past.

One of these is Gate Browser, and while the development seems discontinued, you can still find it online, on third-party websites. In today’s article, we’re going to cover Gate Browser and see what made it special.

How do I download Gate Browser?

What is Gate Browser?

download gate browser


Gate Browser is an incredibly simple web browser that comes with an extremely minimalistic design. The entire browser is based on Chromium, and it offers only the essential features to users.

The browser doesn’t have an official websites, and it’s available for download only from third-party websites.

What features does Gate Browser have?

Gate Browser comes with only the most basic features, and it won’t store your browsing history or cookies. Using Gate Browser is similar to using your browser in a private browsing mode.

The browser has two themes, light and dark. It comes with a download blocker, to prevent unwanted apps to install something on your PC. It’s worth mentioning that the browser doesn’t allow you any access to settings.

Regarding security, the browser has a built-in crypto mining protection and an adblocker. Also, certain features such as bookmarks and extensions aren’t available in Gate Browser.

What are the pros and cons of Gate Browser?


  • Extremely minimalistic
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Built on Chromium engine
  • Private browsing


  • Many features from modern browsers are missing
  • Seems like the browser isn’t in active development

Should you use Gate Browser?

In our opinion, Gate Browser seems like an unfinished product and it lacks many features that modern browsers have. If you want a Chromium-based browser, you should consider Opera.

gate browser vs opera browser

There are many efficient features that you can have by trying this browser, some of them unique and extremely helpful if surfing the Internet and working in a lot of tabs takes a big part of your professional life.

To mention just a few, Opera comes with integrated tracking protection, adblocker, Search in tabs function, battery saver and the option to share your works across all your devices.

As a result, Opera is light on your resources, so it should be great for lower-end PCs as well.

We also have to mention that Opera comes with free and unlimited VPN for an additional layer of security.



Try the Opera browser to enjoy a lot of unique features that will make surfing the Internet a sheer delight.

There you go, now that you know more about Gate Browser, are you going to try it or are you going to stick to more popular browsers? Let us know in the comments section.

FAQ: Learn more about web browsers

  • What is a Web browser with an example?

A web browser is an application that you use to visit web pages. Regarding examples, one of the more popular browsers is the Opera browser.

  • How many browsers are there?

There are dozens of web browsers available, but Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are the most popular ones.

  • Is my Internet browser up to date?

Browsers usually install updates automatically, but you can always check for updates manually and see if the browser is up to date.

  • What is the difference between Google and Google Chrome?

Google is a search engine and the company that developed Google Chrome. On the other hand, Chrome is just an application for web browsing.