5 Ways to Fix GeForce Experience Not Detecting Games

Having your games on the same hard drive helps eliminate this issue

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Key notes

  • If your GeForce Experience app is not finding your games, the issue could be caused by an invalid file path.
  • This issue can also be caused by not having the latest drivers installed or using an older software version.
  • Checking if your games are compatible, updating your drivers, and reinstalling the app are some of the possible solutions to this issue.
fix GeForce Experience doesn't find games

GeForce Experience is a powerful software that works great with the GeForce GTX gaming graphic card series. Installing this app on your PC will ensure that you never worry about updating your drivers.

Beyond this, it automatically optimizes your game graphics settings for the best gaming experience possible.

That being said, some users have encountered issues with the GeForce Experience software not finding their local games and also not finding Steam games.

As this will hinder your ability to use the full force of your GTX graphics card, the irritation is understandable. Here is what one user had to say about this issue on the Steam forums:

GeForce Experience can not detect any games I own (which is too many to name) when I attempt to scan for them in any way. I recently built a computer with the GTX 1070, which may be the problem, as it worked perfectly fine beforehand on my laptop.

I only have one hard drive, so any solutions/problems I found with multiple hard drives do not affect me. Is this just a bug with my GPU, or am I missing something?

Even though no official fix for this issue has been released, we compiled some of the methods that have proven helpful in other users’ situations in this article. So read along to find out the details.

Why isn’t my game showing up in GeForce Experience?

If your game is not showing up on GeForce Experience, it might be because the game is not supported on the app. So, before checking other potential causes, ensure that your game is supported.

Also, it might be because of outdated graphics drivers or issues with the app. Whatever the cause, we have a fitting solution for you in this guide.

What can I do if GeForce Experience is not finding games?

1. Make sure your game is supported

Some games are not supported by GeForce Experience, and, by default, they will not be recognized or capable of being optimized by this app.

Check the official GeForce Experience supported games list to check if your games can work.

If your games are supported, try the following method.

2. Verify that the install directory of the game is checked

  1. Open the GeForce Experience app.
  2. Navigate to Preferences.
  3. Click on Games.
  4. See what folders are set to be checked by GeForce Experience and where your games are installed.
  5. If there is any discrepancy between the two options, add the link to the folder in which you installed the games (ex., D:/Games).
  6. After you’ve completed this task, restart your GeForce Experience app and check to see if the issue is resolved.

3. Make sure that all your games are on the same hard drive

The GeForce experience will have issues compiling the information and offer optimization if you have multiple hard drives installed on your PC.

If that is the case, it is recommended that you choose one of the drives and install all games to that location.

4. Update your GeForce Experience GPU drivers

  1. Launch the GeForce Experience application.
  2. Select the DRIVERS tab from the top menu.
  3. Click the CHECK FOR UPDATES button.
    check driver geforce experience not detecting games
  4. If there is any available update, the option to install it will appear in the window.
  5. Install the drivers, and check to see if the issue is resolved. If you can’t find any new drivers, try the following method.

Check out this comprehensive guide if you’re having issues updating your Nvidia drivers on Windows 10.

5. Use the latest GeForce Experience application

5.1. Uninstall the app

  1. Press the Windows key + X and choose Apps and Features.
    Apps and features - GeForce Experience not finding games
  2. Please search for the GeForce Experience app in the list and select it.
  3. Click the Uninstall button and follow the simple onscreen instructions to complete the process.

The first step is to uninstall the GeForce Experience app and all its components.

5.2. To reinstall the app

  1. Download the latest version of GeForce Experience.Download GeForce Experience - Download page
  2. Run the installer on your PC, and then log into your account.
  3. Check to see if the app is finding your games.

How do I fix GeForce Experience not finding games on Windows 11?

The easiest way to fix the GeForce Experience not finding games on Windows 11 is to run the app as an administrator. This gives the game all the privileges it needs to access your games.

If GeForce Experience is still not finding your games, ensure the games are supported on the app. Lastly, you can use any of the fixes in this guide to solve the problem on Windows 11.

How do I manually add games to GeForce Experience?

  1. Launch GeForce Experience.
  2. Click the menu button (three vertical dots) in the top right corner.
  3. Choose the Optimize all games option.
  4. Now, select the cogwheel icon at the top.cogwheel icon geforce experience not detecting games
  5. Choose the GAMES tab in the left panel.
  6. Click ADD under the SCAN LOCATION section.
    add geforce experience not detecting games
  7. Choose the folder where you have the game.
  8. Select SCAN NOW and wait for the scan to complete.
    scan now
  9. Finally, go to the Home tab, and the newly added game should be there.

As we understand how frustrating it can be to want to play the latest version of your favorite game, the list above should help you fix this issue.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’ve succeeded in fixing the GeForce Experience not finding games issue, and if so, by using what method.

If you want to share this information with us or ask us any other questions, leave a comment in the section below this article.

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