GitHub Copilot X: Features & Availability

Copilot X will help improve developers efficiencies through AI

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  • GitHub has not indicated a specific date for the release of Copilot X.
  • Copilot X aims to improve developer efficiency by over 88%.
  • Sign up for the Copilot X waitlist to get early access to the innovative features released by GitHub.

GitHub Copilot X is an AI software designed to help improve efficiency and productivity while programming. It is a new and upgraded version of GitHub Copilot which was released in 2022.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the GitHub Copilot X, its features, availability, and potential price predictions.

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What are the new features of GitHub Copilot X?

The following are some of the features of GitHub’s Copilot X software:

1. AI Support for Pull Requests

GitHub Copilot X leverages the AI capabilities of Open AI’s GPT-4 model to provide developers with AI-generated pull requests on GitHub. This simplifies the process for Pull Requests and streamlines collaboration between developers.

AI-generated tags are automatically created based on the changes made to the code base. Copilot X eliminates the need for manually creating tags for each code change while also ensuring that pull requests are accurate and well informative.

2. GitHub Voice to Code

GitHub Voice is one of Copilot X’s groundbreaking features that allows developers to harness the full power of voice-to-code AI technology, providing them with a natural and more intuitive means of interacting with their code and tools.

Developers can simply issue verbal commands to the software using the natural language, and the command will get executed by Copilot X.  Also, this feature eliminates the need for manual typing, thereby increasing the speed and efficiency of the development process.

3. GitHub Copilot Chat

Copilot X aims to revolutionize AI-assisted software development as it offers a ChatGPT-like experience directly within a developer’s code editor. 

Hence, this chat feature provides developers with a vast amount of resources, clear explanations, potential bug fixes, in-depth analysis, and many more.

4. AI-Generated Documentation Answers

One of the major problems developers face is finding the right information on a tool or feature using the documentation.

However, GitHub Copilot for Docs is an experimental tool to help developers find the information they need more quickly and efficiently.

Further, developers can utilize the chat interface to access responses to questions about documentation.

5. Copilot for Command Line(CLI)

GitHub Copilot CLI will improve the efficiency of developers by simplifying the process of composing commands and loops in the command line.

With the help of AI, developers save time by eliminating the need to manually search for the correct syntax. By just interacting with the inbuilt chat interface of Copilot X, you’ll get access to a complete list of all the correct commands and syntaxes you can use on the command line.

What are the pricing predictions?

When GitHub Copilot launched in 2022, Microsoft put the price of the software at $10 per month and $100 annually. However, as of writing this article, Microsoft hasn’t declared the price of the new and improved GitHub Copilot X.

While some users have speculated that they’ll get access to Copilot X if they have existing GitHub Copilot accounts, Microsoft has said otherwise.

An active or trial subscription to GitHub Copilot for Individuals or GitHub Copilot for Business does not guarantee access to the technical preview features introduced with GitHub Copilot X.

According to GitHub

This means that users will have to purchase a brand new subscription plan to get access to GitHub Copilot X after its release.

When will the GitHub Copilot X be available?

GitHub Copilot was launched in 2022 and has overtaken the development world. However, GitHub has not provided a specific release date for the new and improved GitHub Copilot X.

As of writing this article, there is no information on the software’s release date. Github considers this a representation of their vision for the future rather than an available product offering of GitHub Copilot.

While there might be release date yet, we expect to see some features available to the public over soon. To get early access to the features, you’ll have to sign up for the Copilot X waitlist.

With each passing day, developers are coming up with new and more efficient methods of learning and writing codes. GitHub’s Copilot X is about to take that to the next level.

Although GitHub hasn’t declared an official release date for the software, it’s likely a couple of cool features will be available for those on the waitlist. Sign up for the waitlist to get early access to the Copilot X features.

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