My Google search history is not mine: Here’s why this happens

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google search history not mine

Google is by far the most used search engine. However, it is not problem-free when it comes to security and privacy.

One such example is described by many users who saw unknown searches in their Google history.


One user opened a thread on Reddit and reported the following:

I’m the only one with access to my phone and PC and my Google account isn’t on any other devices. I changed my password and the problem is still occuring. Also, it doesn’t appear in my browsing history – just the search history. Generally my searches will have a location saved to them but all the searches in the image below are not mine.

What we know from here is that the OP is the only one with access to his phone, PC and Google account. Therefore, is not possible that another person made those searches from the user’s devices.

So, other aspects are involved and today we will show what to do if your Google search history is not yours.

My search history in Google is not mine. What should I do?

1. Sign out from other devices

It is possible that you forgot to log out from a device that’s not yours. So, now another person is using that device with your account logged on.

You can solve that quite easily:

  1. Go to Gmail.
  2. Click Details from the bottom right corner of the history gmail
  3. Click on Sign out all other web search gmail sign out

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2. Disable extensions

The OP added that, for an unknown reason, a VPN extension caused this issue. So, by disabling it, the Google search history went back to normal.

  1. Click on the vertical dots from the upper-right corner of Google Chrome.
  2. Go to More chrome more tools
  3. Select Extensions.disable extensions in google
  4. Disable the extensions, especially those who look more untrustworthy. Also, use the process of elimination to find out which one causes the problem.

For other browsers, the steps may vary, but the solution remains the same: disable the problematic extensions.

3. Switch to UR Browser

UR Browser is an excellent browsing solution that doesn’t save your search history.


So, if you’re interested in trying it out, you can use the download link below.


To find unknown searches in your Google history is definitely not a pleasant surprise. Still, in many cases, things are not as serious as they seem. You can solve this problem with one of the solutions described above.

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