8 best homeschooling software for Windows PCs

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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  • Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular these days with 2 M kids being homeschooled in the US alone
  • There are plenty of advantages to homeshooling: more flexibility, meaningful learning, and a warm environment
  • To make homeschooling an efficient experience, you need the right tools for the job. In this article, we'll explore the best homeschooling tools to use today
  • This guide is part of our Education Software hub where we list the best education and learning tools for PCs

Homeschooling involves the education and tutoring of children at home. Many parents view homeschooling as a great alternative to public and private schooling with a surge in home tutoring seen in the past few years.

Although, homeschooling is legal in many developed countries, parents still need to get special permissions from government educational agencies to be homeschooler.

Many engaging homeschooling software have been developed over the years geared towards homeschooled students. These programs encourage students to discover, excel and discover new things while developing a strong educational foundation which will lead the students to academic success in the long run.

There are many homeschooling software options available; this post highlights some of the best homeschooling programs around.

Best homeschooling tools for PC



HomeHighschoolHelp platform

HomeHighschoolHelp is a premier online homeschooling high school solution ready to provide the aid of a great selling author, conference speaker, and homeschool consultant.

As its name suggests, HomeHighschoolHelp is a great platform that helps parents to homeschool their high school teenagers. If you’re new to homeschooling, you can go to the parent training section of the website and get the resources you need to guide your child through high school years.

The platform offers valuable free and premium solutions that accompany high school students from start to finish and prepare them for success. There is no tool to take the homeschooling responsibility off parents’ shoulders, yet HomeSchoolar can help you feel more confident and capable of the task as it is packed with a huge amount of content.

Obviously, everybody wants to go to college but competition is fierce. HomeHighschoolHelp has the right sets of tools you need to create homeschool transcripts that colleges will love and high school records that will open doors. The College Launch Solution will help to understand this process perfectly and offers you the winning tips you need to succeed.

Lee Binz, the person behind this platform, successfully homeschooled her two children guiding them from elementary through high school graduation. They both got full-tuition scholarships to university. Lee really knows what she’s talking about and she can help you too to successfully homeschool your childre.

Visit HomeHighschoolHelp



yabla language learning

Yabla is a great foreign language learning platform for homeschool students. This tool exposes students to real-life language contexts with support from native speakers.

Students can improve their foreign language skills with the help of dual-language subtitles from video content such as documentaries, TV shows, interviews, and other such resources. Yabla always partners with the world’s best commercial, public, and independent broadcasters to provide authentic content.

The whole learning process is very efficient. Videos come with interactive tasks that include grammar exercises, listening tasks, vocabulary challenges, and many language games.

Educators also find Yabla as a resource for fun and educational activities for kids of all ages, from preschoolers to elementary-age students. Students have their own login, and educators can assign activities, set goals, and monitor their performance.

Playing these games grants you various points and an overall score that will give you a place on the leaderboards. If you want to climb higher on the leaderboards, you need to work consistently so as to improve your score. This gamification challenge is extremely useful for those students that have a competitive nature.

Yabla currently supports six languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, German and English.

Check out Yabla now



best homeschooling softwareThis program is valuable for homeschooled science students; as it combines computer programming and various visual art tools to introduce students to programming. The program gives step by step introduction to basic programming.

Students can easily create stories and animation after series of tutorials. Also, this homeschooling software enables students learn programming concepts which revolve around building, variables, looping, and graphics editing.

This program is an ideal program to have for your homeschooled child and is available on Windows PC device.

Download Scratch



best homeschooling softwareThis homeschooling software has been around for a long time and is known for its simple and easy interface.This tool is designed for children between the ages of three and twelve and is an excellent choice for kids to learn artwork.

The child is presented with a blank canvas with a well-arranged menu of drawing tools, brushes, and other text tools.

In addition, children are given fun sound effect and cartoon mascots which guides the student on how to use the program effectively. The program is free to download and is available on Windows OS devices.

Download Tux


Splash Maths

best homeschooling softwareSplash Math is a popular and comprehensive math practice program which tests your child skill and ability to solve math problems. The program is used by over 10 million students and incorporates beautiful graphics with interactive games which are developed to increase the ability of children in math.

Tutors can also choose any of the curriculums available to suit your child needs and adjust them as they advance in class.  With over 5 skill grades, the program highlights areas where the student has difficulties which allowing parents and tutors to work in such areas in the child curriculum.

Splash Maths is available on Windows and other OS.

Download Splash Maths


Khan Academy

best homeschooling softwareThis best homeschooling software is developed and maintained by the renowned Khan Academy. The software has a complete curriculum from different fields of science, economics, and arts. Academy has been developed to entail homeschooling from kindergarten up to high school.

Parents and tutors can select curriculum based on the child’s grade and follow the well-planned syllabus which usually ends with a prep test. The program enables you to track the progress of your child from kindergarten to college.

Academy is also a handy software for preparing your kids for popular exams like SAT or GMAT exams. The program incorporates GMAT, SAT and other prep tests to ensure your child is adequately prepared to write the exams.

Download AKhan Academy



best homeschooling softwareThis homeschooling software helps students understand the basics and actual application of algebraic formulas. The software is appealing and easy to use as it enables you understand more on vectors, conic sections, and algebraic formulas.

Geogebra is a useful tool for both elementary and high school grade homeschooling children as the program has diverse topics and tools for learning math. The program also uses colorful visual appealing graphics which enable the student to understand the formulas better.

Download Geogebra


Other Programs you should consider

  • C-Organizer

C-Organizer is a must-have homeschooling tool that will help you stay organized. This can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re new to homeschooling. Indeed, homeschooling high school students or younger children can be a daunting challenge without the appropriate planning.

You can use C-Organizer too keep track of all calendar events, tasks, notes and passwords in a single place. In this manner, you won’t forget about that deadline when you need to submit that essay you kept on postponing writing.

C-Organizer includes pretty much everything that you need in order to plan your homeschooling schedule effectively every day, remind you of important tasks and, eventually, maximize your productivity.

All these coupled with an advanced notification system make homeschooling easily digestible for all ages, fun and effective.

Get C-Organizer 

  • Ebook reader

Having an eBook reader is a must for every homeschooling student and it is advisable to go for an eBook program which enables for multiple formats such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Amazon Kindle, and several others. These eBook programs enable you to import eBook files and usually have access to a library of books such as Project Gunterberg. Many of these eBook readers are available to download for free on Windows PC.

In conclusion, share with us your experience in using any of the homeschooling we mentioned in this post. Feel free to comment below.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been since updated for freshness and accuracy.