10 best art generator software to download [2022 Guide]

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  • The art-generator-software allows you to create cool images without getting your hands dirty.
  • There are lots of free abstract visual art generators below for your to try out before buying.
  • If you're looking for an art generator app that is cross-platform, look no further.
  • We've also included computer generated art software that is perfect for entertaining children.
art generator software
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The art-oriented software is designed primarily for painting, drawing, coloring, and creating artwork. Most programs offer tools targeted at working with pre-existing images.

The emphasis is on art and the process of creation. Some programs feature tools that are similar to traditional artistic media such as oils, acrylics, watercolors, pencils, markers, chalk, crayons, felt pens, pastels and so on.

There are also programs that offer special or less traditional tools. Some programs also feature tools for creating logo designs and fractal generator tools.

Here are some of the best art generator tools that we managed to gather in the list below:

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is part of the Creative Suite and the program remains the kingpin of graphic design software and for good reasons. The program packs a lot of features that will give users control over their design.

To begin, the pixel grid will make it very easy to align objects while the precise shape-building tools and brushes cleanly. The advanced path controls will give you the freedom to create almost anything graphically.

The perspective grids will help you create distance and also realistic depths. Gorgeous typography, the visual effects, and the new tracking engine that is able to convert raster images to editable vectors.

When you need to use color sparingly, you will find out that gradients can be extremely efficient. The program enables interactions with gradients straight on an object.

Users can apply gradients to single strokes, and they can still control placement and opacity.

On the other hand, this program can be quite intimidating for users who are just beginning. In case you’re new to graphic design, you should probably go for a more basic software instead of this one.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Generate art like it was nothing and bring your imagination to life with the help of the best raster-based image editor!

Free trialVisit website

Corel Painter

Corel Painter product

Corel Painter promises to be the world’s most authentic digital painting software. The software allows you to express your creative vision in the most original ways.

Painter features new physics-inspired Particle Brushes that will allow both brush control and chaos and that will give you the ultimate freedom to create work from scratch.

Corel Painter is the most responsive and fastest version of the software which allows users to experience speed and brush accuracy performance.

You can take advantage of the new brush tracking utility to control pressure-sensitive memory for each variant of the brushes.

The program features more intuitive new user interface arrangements that were inspired by Painter artists or you can go on and create your own workspace.

The software also features mobile capabilities, and you can create art on the go using a Windows Real-Time Stylus and a Tablet PC user interface.

This is one of the most flexible programs on the market, and it will respond to all your needs.

Another important issue is the fact that if you are a Photoshop user, Painter will allow you to easily preserve colors and layers when transferring files between Painter and Photoshop.

Corel Painter

Corel Painter

Art should be more about your imagination and not your ability to use a PC. Corel Paint makes creating digital art as easy as it can get.

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Summitsoft Logo Design Studio

The program visually looks something along the lines of Microsoft Office, and it also offers a free trial to test it and check out all of its features.

The program features 1500 pre-designed templates that will match any industry from food to finance, from cleaning to construction, and so on. It also includes more than 5000 objects to pull from.

You can personalize your logo with colors, shapes, and lots of effects or you can even import your own graphics. You will be able to use the shape tools to draw your own logo and snap them into place with the alignment option.

You will get the opportunity to print your logo in high resolution, and you will also be able to sell your designs to others.

The program will take you through the trademark process, so you will be able to secure your brand identity and generate ideas for slogans and taglines to go with your brand-new fantastic logo.

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio will make creating digital art a walk in the park, so get it at a special price today!

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Artweaver is a full-featured painting tool which includes a full set of predefined realistic brushes to paint creatively or just to experiment. The software is perfect for both beginners and advanced users.

It has a powerful and highly configurable brush system to stimulate a broad palette of brushes. The program also features an intuitive and an easy to use interface and it is also fully configurable.

Artweaver allows you to work together with other artists over the Internet and it is powered by a potent core that supports lots of layers, tools, and filters.

Artweaver includes a few natural media brushes and tools such as chalk, pencils, charcoal, oil paint, felt markers, crayons, airbrushes, acrylic, sponges, pastels, and cloners.

The software records the whole painting processes as events, and it will allow you to save and later to replay them.

You can demonstrate other users your painting style, or you can just show the progress from an empty image to finished artwork.

The program is free, and it’s compatible with Windows. It will look very familiar to users that have experienced Painter or Photoshop in the past.

Get Artweaver

Pixarra TwistedBrush

Pixarra features software from natural media, photo editing and also illustrative styles. From the very beginning, TwistedBrush has had a primary focus on digital fine arts.

It was developed to have one of the strongest and the most versatile brush engines in the world. The flagship edition of the product is Pro Studio with more than 9000 brushes.

There are more focused editions for TwistedBrush that include the Paint Studio which focuses on digital painting, andTree Studio for the creation of 2D trees.

Liquid Studio features an original way of painting and constructing art and Blob Studio can be considered a 2.25D painting. All these tools are available for all Windows versions.

You can avoid bad oils, chemicals, and dust that come from real art materials when you use the realistic natural media brushes and tools of the software.

With TwistedBrush Pro Studio you can take advantage of the immense versatility and various brushes to develop concept art for film, games and more promotional artwork.

You can also create manga using the software’s diverse set of sketching, inking tools, and drawing.

You can enjoy the graphic qualities of the Liquid and Blob brushed, and you can create objects as if they were made of clay. You can then paint them with any brushed you want.

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Your photos will become masterpieces with the help of the hundreds of blenders, filter, tracing features, cloners, drawing guides, layers and the RAW camera support.

Get Pixarra TwistedBrush 


You can start off by creating some amazing logos using the 300 built-in templates. You will be able to map them onto some of your business card templates and have them all printed and shipped right to your door.

There is no need to draw anything in Laughingbird’s Logo Creator, but on the other hand, you will have to download the software which is available for both Mac and Windows with a free trial.

The program features lots of graphic elements, and you can drop them straight to the canvas. There’s a range of special effects and text options on the menu as well.

You can choose the alternative and upload your own graphics or import custom graphics from the Internet, to make sure that you are not violating copyrights of any kind.

In order to be able to export your logo, all you have to do is to save it as a jpg, gif, bmp, tiff or transparent gif/png. You have full rights to use it in any way you want to, and you can even license it to other people.

Get Laughingbird


GIMP is described as the GNU Image Manipulation Program and it is a cross-platform image editor that is available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more OSs.

The software is free, and you can change its source code and distribute all of your changes. You will be able to increase your productivity with the software thanks to various customization options and 3rd party plugins.

Whether you are a scientist, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and so on GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get the job done perfectly.

The only limit will be your imagination as the program provides tools for retouching, restoring and creative composites.

The software offers artists the power and the flexibility to transform images into some original creations, producing icons, graphical design elements, and also art for mockups and user interface components.

GIMP provides top-notch color management features to offer you high-fidelity color reproduction across digital and printed media. You can use the program best in workflows that involve other free software.

It provides extensibility through integration with more programming languages such as Python, Perl, Scheme and more. The level of customization that the program has to offer is very high.



ChaosPro is a real-time freeware fractal generator for Windows, and the program lets you create 2D and 3D fractal types, true-color and animation.

The software is the perfect choice for you in case you want to create computer-generated art or if you are interested in fractals, or if you want to experiment with novelties.

The program can create almost any kind of fractals using the integrated compiler, and it will be up to you to decide what formula you will use.

There are already lots of methods which have been written by other people. They include IFS fractals, bifurcation diagrams, Plasma fractals, dynamic systems like the Lorenz attractor, and more.

The ChaosPro program is a true MDI app where each fractal resides in its own window. You are able to calculate several fractals at the same time in different windows, without needing to close them.

ChaosPro features real-time fractal exploration, and this means that any change will take place immediately.

ChaosPro doesn’t know that there are only a limited number of colors and the program thinks that there is an unlimited range of colors.

With the program, you can also create zoom movies, and all you have to do is define where it starts from and where it ends. You have also to specify how many frames to calculate and press start.

You are able to check their gallery page for several examples of fractals that are generated with the program, or you can visit the company’s page to get a recent version of their software for your computer.

Due to its integrated compiler, it is quite fast even if you write your own formulas within ChaosPro.

Get ChaosPro

Deleter CGillust

Deleter CGillust 4.5 DEMO Image

This is a very versatile program that features a painting tool for users of all kinds of levels. The app contains both basic and advanced tools for users all kinds of users.

Students and professionals will also enjoy many features of the tool.

Aside from the basic drawing features, the tool is also designed to provide high-end illustration utilities such as pens and brushes. Users are also given a chance to use a vast range of masks and layers for their projects.

The software offers artists more than 200 tone patterns that they can choose from.

One of its most exciting features is the Work in Progress feature, and with the help of this particular function, users can view the work as it progresses from start to finish.

The program will record every stroke and every modification that you make so that the progress of your work can be seen later during the playback if you want to.

There is a trial version of the software available for download and the full version involves a fee.

Get Deleter CGillust

Drawing for Children

This is a great drawing app targeted at kids. The app is free. You may think that any basic drawing app for kids is perfect and they don’t need very complicated things.

But, there is more to this app than this as its tools and features that have been included in it offer a broad range of ways for users to draw.

They are not complicated, but they have various options for changing the way a tool works. The app will turn out to be fantastic for children due to its many effects and colors.

Check out all these tools for generating art and stick with those that best suit your needs and your art creating process.

Get Drawing for Children

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