Horizon Forbidden West vs Elden Ring: Which one's right for you?

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Key notes

  • Many worldwide users are struggling with choosing the perfect game between Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring.
  • We suggest going for the one that offers the most impressive story, plots, and scenarios.
  • When picking the best game, you should inspect the supported devices and the required free disk space you'll need.
  • Keep in mind that both Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring generate specific issues, so make sure you verify them in this guide.
Horizon Forbidden West vs Elden Ring: Which should I choose?

Any expert gamer has heard at least once about the new video masterpieces: Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring.

They have just been released and it seems like a wide range number of users already downloaded and installed these games.

As we all expected, feedback didn’t wait to come back as all gamers were impressed by the open-world scenarios they experience.

Choosing between two games is extremely important and can be a pain in the ass if you don’t have all the information you need.

Plus, we have to consider that not everyone has the time or money to invest in two full-priced software.

It seems like many worldwide users are interested in discovering which one they should choose, and this is how one user asked for more information:

Should I buy Elden Ring or Horizon Forbidden West?

Two games I have really been looking forward to, I am on a bit of a budget ps4 system ps5 has been out of stock in my country for an annoyingly long time now I hope to buy one by the end of this year.

What game would you recommend? I’ve played DS3 it was a while ago borrowed it from my friend and my experience with , I thoroughly enjoyed playing zero dawn late last year including the frozen Wild. I’m looking for a game that I can grind I love those types of games I have over 150+ hours on AC origins and odyssey and 90+ on rdr2.

What are your guys opinions?

That’s why we’re here! To help those of you who are not sure what each of these games has to offer and, in fact, which is the best deal to make.

Horizon Forbidden West vs Elden Ring: General approach

Horizon Forbidden West

This is a PlayStation-exclusive game that proved to be a one-of-a-kind of Horizon series. developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Horizon Forbidden West set you up in a post-apocalyptic open-world of the Western United States.

The overall story concentrates around the main character, Aloy, which is also the main protagonist in Horizon Zero Dawn.

For a more engaging gaming experience, Aloy’s character is remarkably different in Horizon Forbidden West compared with what we were used to in Horizon Zero Dawn.

She progressed, being more mature, as her trip seriously influenced her community status and internal perception. Fortunately, the latest Horizon masterpiece conserves her courageous and noble attributes.

However, for those of you who haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn yet, keep in mind that you could feel pretty lost in the West story.

The main action is centered around Aloy’s mission to uncover secrets behind various threats and restore order and balance to the world.

In these terms, she’ll need to explore lands, fight bigger machines, reunite with old friends, and complete tons of other exciting journies you’ll definitely enjoy.

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Elden Ring

This is also an action role-playing game that impressed worldwide users in just a short time.

Elden Ring is developed by FromSoftware (who also developed games like Dark Soul II or Armored Core: Verdict Day) and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment (the publisher that stands behind Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, Pac-Man World Rally, and so on).

Just like Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring places you in a magical world, where all things are possible.

For those of you who are interested in one-of-a-kind God plots, Elden Ring is perfect for you, as it comes up with tons of magic, miracles, and demi-gods scenarios.

The Lands Between is where the action is set, the demi-gods’ home, ruled over different regions in the wake of wars.

Speaking about Gods, there is no longer a surprise that immortality is the number 1 Elden Ring feature that impressed us, as death is highly unusual.

As its title suggests, Elden Ring is based on a legend in which the ring holds unimaginable power, but has been destroyed by something or someone.

So, if you want to discover more about the Elden Ring’s power, the mysterious Lands Between, and the fantastical features of protagonists, make sure you try it today!

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Horizon Forbidden West vs Elden Ring: Main differences

Supported devices

Keep in mind that while Horizon Forbidden West is available only for PS4 and PS5, Elden Ring allows you to enjoy the open-world experience from various devices, like PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox Series, and Playstation 5.

Plus, you can also purchase Elden Ring from the Steam official store.

So, from this point of view, Elden Ring might be a better choice, and if you’re looking to run the game on your computer, we strongly recommend using a paired specialized VPN.

It will guarantee your privacy and protect you against cyber-criminals and you’ll also be able to share a safe gaming experience with your friends. Plus, with a premium tool, you won’t have to worry about lags or pings.

In this matter, you should definitely check these 5 best ping reducers for online multiplayer games.


Horizon Forbidden West

Because Horizon Forbidden West offers extremely complex graphics and stories, it is no longer a surprise that it will require an important amount of disk space.

So, it takes around 90 GB on PS4 and PS5, but there are some variations that depend on the region where you’re downloading and installing the game.

It seems like in The United States, the PS5 edition needs around 87 GB with the day one patch installed. In the EU, it’s around 98 GB, while in Japan, it’s 83 GB.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s size is an average one, but keep in mind that, curiously, it takes different requirements for each supported device.

So, on devices like PlayStation, Elden Ring takes around 45 GB, PC players will need at least 60GB of free space. Plus, when it comes to the Xbox series, this game requires around a maximum of 50 GB.

So, Horizon Forbidden West is double the size of Elden Ring. Thus, if you’re looking to save disk space and maintain your system clean.

Story length

Horizon Forbidden West

If you’re interested in discovering what is the Horizon Forbidden West story length, keep in mind that focusing only on the main story (with just a few side activities and quests) will take around 25 to 35 hours.

However, in case you’re a perfectionist player, you can spend up to 100 hours on the game. It only depends on the difficulty of your own goals.

Elden Ring

Do not forget that a single Elden Ring playthrough (that will complete only the game’s main scenario) takes around 44 hours.

For those of you who are seeking exploring experiences on The Lands Between and achieving multiple side quests, you’ll need to spend around 70 hours.

Horizon Forbidden West vs Elden Ring: Issues

Horizon Forbidden West

Even if it’s a newly released masterpiece, like any other game, program, or app, Horizon Forbidden West might sometimes run into several annoying troubles.

Because it is important for you to be aware of the most common ones, we recommend checking the list below:

Elden Ring

Not only Horizon Forbidden West can generate problems, but also Elden Ring. Similar to the example above, we’ve ensured to deliver a useful list in this matter:

  • Elden Ring multiplayer is not working – Players have recently pointed out that the multiplayer mode isn’t working properly, but there are always solutions to fix it.
  • Elden Ring is not using GPU – It seems like this is one of the biggest issues Elden Ring faced so far, so you might want to save our dedicated fixing guide somewhere.
  • Widescreen on Elden Ring – Because it is most commonly related to your resolution settings, you might need to adjust them if facing this issue.

So, if you were looking for a detailed Horizon Forbidden West vs Elden Ring comparison, here you are, with all this extremely useful information placed together in one guide.

In case you encounter any related questions or curiosities, feel free to leave a comment in the dedicated section below. We’ll come up with an answer as soon as possible.