How to Change the Background in the Teams Mobile App

Customize your background during a call with these simple steps

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  • Microsoft has made Custom Backgrounds available for the mobile version of the Teams app.
  • You can change your background in Teams on the mobile app before or during a meeting.
  • Moreover, you can blur your Teams background or add a predefined or uploaded picture.
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Microsoft brought the Teams Android app up to par with the iOS app by making Custom Backgrounds available in November 2021.

Since then, users have been excited to juggle the available backgrounds in a meeting or prepare for one.

Read on to learn how to change the background in Microsoft Teams on your phone.

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What do I need before changing the background in MS Teams using my phone?

In order to change your background, your Android device must follow a few requirements. Don’t be alarmed; you won’t have to buy the latest smartphone, but you will need to check for some things.

For example, your device must have the Teams mobile app for Android, version 1416/ or later. Besides, the said device’s OS must be Android version 10 or later.

One more aspect to take into consideration is the gadget’s GPU. To use the feature, the GPU has to be Qualcomm Adreno 610, Arm Mali-G71, Arm Mali-T720, and all the latest versions of these models.

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You can shuffle between backgrounds while preparing for your important presentation and even during the meeting.

For example, you can select Blur to mask your background. You’ll appear nice and clear while everything behind you is subtly concealed.

If you choose, you can replace your background with one of the images provided or your own, as long as it’s a JPG, PNG, or .BMP file. Also, Teams allows users to change the background before a meeting.

How do I change the background in Teams mobile?

1. Change the MS Teams background on the phone before the meeting starts

1. While preparing for a meeting, press the Settings button.

2. Select Background Effects.

teams background selection

3. Choose your desired background from the list. If you want to upload an image and use it as a background, click on the + button.

4. After you finish selecting the perfect background for Teams, press the Done button.

5. On the other hand, if you want to turn off the Background Effect, press the Denied button.

6. Start the meeting.

In the Microsoft Teams mobile app, you can easily change your background before a meeting as you would on a computer.

All you need to do is click to join a meeting, and while you’re setting up your audio and video settings, select from a large section of available background to use, or even use a custom one from your PC.

2. Change the background during a meeting or call in Teams

If you’re wondering whether you can also change your Teams background during a meeting on your phone, the answer is yes.

We will show you exactly how you can do that yourself with ease.

  1. Go to your meeting or call controls and select More options.
  2. Press the Show Background Effects button.background change teams
  3. Choose your desired background and press Done.
  4. In case you want to upload an image and use it as a background, click the + button.
  5. To turn off the Background Effect, press Denied.

That’s it! That’s pretty much all you need to know about changing your backgrounds on the Android version of Teams when you are just preparing or during a meeting. In case you are on the PC, learn how to set animated backgrounds in Teams.

However, remember that this feature may be unavailable if your Microsoft Teams admin forbids custom backgrounds in the custom background policies already set for all other Teams Clients.

Since you are interested in backgrounds, we recommend you look at our post with the best free software to change the background on any video.

Alternatively, you may use photo background removal software to edit them as you like and impress your friends or family.

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