How to fix the ETD Control Center not responding error in Windows

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The ETD Control Center is a Miroelectronics program that’s required for ELAN Smart-Pads. The ELAN Smart-Pads are touchpads that some laptops include just below their Space keys. The touchpads enable users to move the mouse cursor with their fingers. However, few users ever utilize touchpads as alternatives to mice on their laptops. Thus, the ETD Control Center is a somewhat superfluous program.

Some users have also posted on the Microsoft forum about an ETD Control Center not responding error that arises in Windows. Those users spot an ETD icon on their taskbars that displays a not responding error when they click it. This is how users can fix the not responding error to get rid of the ETD taskbar icon.

How Can Users Fix ETD Control Center’s not Responding Error?

1. Remove ETD Control Center From the System Startup

  1. As few users ever utilize their laptops’ touchpads, removing ETD Control Center from the system startup is one of the best fixes for the ETD Control Center not responding error. To do that, press the Windows key + X hotkey to open the menu in the snapshot directly below.

    The Win + X menu ETD Control Center

  2. Select the Task Manager option on the menu.
  3. Click the Start-up tab in the image directly below.

    The Start-up tab ETD Control Center

  4. Then select the ETD Control Center, and press the Disable button. Users can click Enable to re-enable ETD Control Center in the system startup if they ever need the touchpad.

2. Uninstall the ETD Control Center

  1. Users who are sure they’ll never need the touchpad can uninstall the ETD Control Center software to fix the ETD not responding error. First, press the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run accessory.
  2. Input ‘appwiz.cpl’ in Run and click OK, which opens the Programs and Features Control Panel applet.

    The Windows uninstaller ETD Control Center

  3. Then select ETD Control Center in Programs and Features.
  4. Click the Uninstall button, and select the Yes option to provide further confirmation.

3. Update the Touchpad’s Driver

Users who actually prefer to keep the ETD Control Center in system startup should try fixing the ETD error by updating the touchpad’s driver. Users can do that with the Driver Booster 6 software. Click Free Download on Driver Booster’s 6 webpage, and then install that software with its setup wizard. Thereafter, DB 6 will automatically scan after users launch it. Press the Update All button if DB 6 includes a touchpad within its scan results.

Driver Booster 6 ETD Control Center

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4. Uninstall ASUS Smart Gesture

The ETD not responding error can also be due to the ASUS Smart Gesture driver. ASUS SG is for more precise touchpad gestures, but it’s hardly essential to keep. Users can uninstall ASUS Smart Gesture much the same as the ETD Control Center as outlined above. Alternatively, try repairing ASUS Smart Gesture by selecting the Repair option for it after clicking Uninstall/Change in the Programs and Features Control Panel applet.

Uninstall/Change option ETD Control Center

The above resolutions will usually fix the ETD not responding error in Windows 10. Overall, it’s a relatively straightforward issue to fix.


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