Infocus Upgrades the Kangaroo Plus Pocket PC to 4GB of RAM

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InFocus just announced its new pocket PC, the Kangaroo Plus. This device is the second pocket PC from InFocus, after the previous Kangaroo Mini. InFocus Kangaroo Plus features 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and is powered by the Intel Cherrytrail 1.44GHz processor.

The device works perfectly with the Kangaroo Dock, which allows you to connect this pocket PC with monitors, big screen TVs, etc. USB and HDMI ports are also present. Kangaroo Plus provides up to four hours of battery life, and has a build-in fingerprint scanner, that allows users to login quickly and securely. Also, if you own an iPad device, you can connect it with the Kangaroo Plus, and use its display instead of a monitor.

Kangaroo Plus mini-PC brings 4 GB of RAM

The device is priced at $169, which is an amazing value for the money, since it offers twice as memory as Kangaroo Mini, which originally costs $99, though.

“We’ve received overwhelmingly positive response from the launch of Kangaroo a little more than three months ago. For our latest model, we have taken direct customer feedback and incorporated it into the Kangaroo Plus. Customers asked for more storage and memory packaged in the same tiny form factor and we are giving it to them. Customers have also asked to be able to customize and configure their own operating system and now that is possible as well”

Kangaroo Plus doesn’t come with a pre-installed operating system, however, but it is perfectly compatible with Windows 10, so you can install it eventually. Unfortunately, installing Windows 10 will cost you additional $199.99, which will definitely add up the price.

If you’re interested in buying InFocus Kangaroo Plus, you can purchase this device from right now, for the price of $169 .


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