Windows 10 KB3199209 brings minor system improvements

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Microsoft recently pushed out a new Windows 10 cumulative update that aims at improving its overall system stability and performance. KB3199209 is actually a servicing stack update and doesn’t bring any major fixes or improvements.

As usual, Microsoft rolled out KB3199209 before publishing the support article for this update. Many Windows 10 users installed the update as soon as it became available without actually knowing anything about its content.

The Redmond giant eventually published the support article for KB3199209 about ten hours after the update became available. The update description is very general and doesn’t reveal how exactly it improves the servicing stack stability.

Servicing stack update for Windows 10 Version 1607: October 18, 2016
This update makes stability improvements for the Windows 10 Version 1607 servicing stack.

Since KB3199209 doesn’t bring any new features, no reboot is required after you install the update. Cumulative update KB3199209 doesn’t have any installation issues either, which is actually surprising taking into account Windows 10’s update history. The two previous updates, KB3194798 and KB3194496, often failed to install and after users managed to install them, the updates brought many issues of their own.

Speaking of issues, it appears that KB3199209 also causes issues of its own just like the previous updates: Windows 10 users have reported the Wi-Fi connection often crashes after they installed the update. Moreover, other apps such as Facebook are also affected by random crashes and games take several minutes to load.

However, it does appear these KB3199209 issues are pretty rare and affect only a limited number of users.

If you’ve already installed KB3199209, you can tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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This update seems to give critical issues on DELL PRECISION M6700 and on another, different model of DELL laptop (colleague of mine).

Since the update was installed, we got several times blue screen with StopCode “DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE”. In addition, in most cases the keyboard and touch pad are unresponsive after a suspend. This is solved only by plugging in a USB mouse and restarting, or by hardware boot.

I have spent more than 5 hours with Microsoft support guys (seem to be very capable professional actually) who tried to solve it:
1. Checking, and re-installing drivers
2. Trying to remove the update
– this cannot be done from the UI – for this specific update there is no “uninstall” option.
– this cannot be done from command line either – you get a message telling you that this is impossible
3. Trying to restore to a point before the update was installed – but apparently no restore point was created when the update was installed.
4. Installing earlier Windows 10 version (version 1511) – but the setup of that version has three options for “what to keep”: keep personal files and apps, keep personal files only, or keep nothing (everything will be deleted) – sadly only the last option can be selected meaning that in order to install that version I practically ended up resetting my laptop…

At this point, maybe much too late, but so far no harm was done luckily, I decided to first check that my stuff is actually backed up. Today I will try to find other solutions.

I will update here if a solution is found.

KB3199209 installed just fine for me as have all other Win10 updates on my 5 year old well maintained computer running Win10 1607 OS Build 14393.321. It’s puzzling why one person has difficulties with updates and another doesn’t. I don’t think anyone knows the answer to this question.

No windows 10 apps will launch after this update. The start menu won’t open, action center, and all icons on bottom right won’t open as well. I can’t uninstall this update from the control center either.