Windows 10 KB4093112 install fails, USB ports won’t work, and more

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by Madalina Dinita
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KB4093112 bugs issues

Windows 10 Fall Creators update received an important update on Patch Tuesday but not all the users have been able to install it. The download process often fails or the install phase suddenly stops due to various errors codes.

Users also reported that Windows Update often keeps on downloading KB4093112 in a loop without actually finalizing the process.

my windows 10 64-bit version 1709 updating this KB4093112 updates in a loop, that is initializing, downloading (no download stream since the 2nd loop), installing (counting from 0% to 100%), after that, the installation restarting as a loop, what is wrong with that? I tried restart my PC but nothing help

This update issue usually keeps CPUs working at 60% of their capacity, while the HDD works at 40-50% and sometimes even spikes to 100% usage before restart. RAM usage remains usually high as well.

Other Windows 10 users can’t install update KB4093112 due to error 0x800f081f. We’ve got a dedicated troubleshooting guide on how to fix error 0x800f081f, so do follow the instructions listed there and perhaps one of the respective solutions will help you solve the problem.

More KB4093112 issues

Windows 10 users who managed to install this update encountered other issues. Many couldn’t find their hard drives in Explorer.

KB4093112 installs, reboot, few seconds to load, notice hard drives are missing from explorer, check disk management, minus 1 drive of the 6 in the system, reboot again takes like 5 min to load to the login screen
3 are internel, 3 are external and all show up in the bios but not in windows, they all worked before this update.
[…] some drives are totaly missing where others were somehow reassinged to a “difrent connection” when none have been physicaly moved. […] Another fine mess MS.

Other users had to switch to another browser because Microsoft Edge closes shortly after users launch it.

Installed cumulative update KB4093112 (OS Build 16299.371 yesterday. Since then Microsoft Edge has not successfully opened. […]  Tried also to clear browsing data but won’t stay open enough to do even that.

We do have a troubleshooting guide that you can use if Edge closes immediately after launch. Hopefully some of the workarounds listed there will help you fix the problem.

Surface owners also complained about USB issues. It appears that this update breaks USB ports and devices fail to recognized any connected peripherals.

How do I reinstall the Hub and get the USB back functioning. This is on a Surface Book with Win 10 v 1709 installed. KB4093112 was applied just before the USB failed.

Well, the good news is that KB4093112 doesn’t trigger severe issues such as random crashes, freezes, restarts or BSOD errors.

We hope that Microsoft will fix all the bugs reported by users as soon as possible.

How has your KB4093112 update experience been so far? Let us know in the comments below.


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I wasn’t thinking about movint to Mac OS that much before. But after latest Windows problems I do that more and more often.
My PC constantly restarting with no reason. and time to time graphics card fails to load drivers.
It time for someone to come out with idea for new type of OS.

I installed 16299.371 with KB4093112 and after this my USB-Mass-Storage ports at my 2011 Sony Vaio connected after a new start only one time to a USB-Stick and some other USB-storage devices.
The error message is something like this “Can’t load the USB Driver because a older version is just loaded inside the Memory”
DISM, SFC, REPAIR, DRIVER REINSTALL… nothing solve this issue. After a new start, I can connect my USB devices only one time, before with a second I can’t access them.
I hope Microsoft fixes the Problem fast, because it is time consuming to restart for each time I must connect to USB device with my old Sony needs more than 3 minutes.

Hello, after update i have problem with connecting to network printer epson plq 20 but only when a try to connect with user right. As administrator there is no problem. First message is: asking to install driver and when i click on printer to connect next message is: can’t install printer ?

Hello friends, after this update (KB4093112) when i click on some app ..the following message came “make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again”. I am not able uninstall this update also. please help

Hello,this update for me was very strange and disaster.
After updating ,windows made a NEW CLEAN INSTALL.
All the apps ,bookmarks ,e.t.c are gone!!!
Is anyone with the same problem ?

Hi! After this update my internet/network connection broke. The symptoms were the following: If I used cable it didn’t even detect that a cable is plugged in. let alone having internet. On WiFi I could see and connect to all the networks, but again, had no internet. There is this part in the update description: “Security updates to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Windows kpp platform and frameworks, Microsoft scripting engine, Windows graphics, Windows Server, Windows kernel, Windows datacenter networking, Windows wireless networking, Windows virtualization and Kernel, and Windows Hyper-V”. So some part of the networking infrastructure was updated too, I suspect this was the cause of my problem. After uninstalling the update, everything is working fine again. I have a Lenovo IdeaPad 700-15ISK, with Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 wireless network adapter and Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller as ethernet adapter. If any of you know a way to have this update and working networking functionality at the same time, please let me know.

I have checked and this update does insatall! just check your programs and feature and look into installed updates and it will be there but with no date of install there! It is a known issue at microsoft and they are looking into it, as they say on thier site!

Actually as others have posted there are many of us who cannot get this update to apply. My situation has Windows 10 in a continuous loop where the update is initialized, downloaded, and then supposedly applied but when I restart, the update does not apply (as described in the above article). After I reboot Windows attempts to download the update again, and again. I use the Windows 10 Update error app which has fixed similar update issues for me in the past but it was not able to get this update to stick. I own 3 desktop pcs as well as 2 laptops. The desktop pcs were able to apply the update with seemingly no problems, but my one laptop is the problem (not sure about the other yet). As I alluded to, I have had issues periodically with Windows 10 Updates and have with some work been able to get all the updates, but I cannot get this one to work….

This is what worked for me: Download “Media Creation Tool” from microsoft, (google it) and select the “Upgrade This PC Now” option. It takes about an hour and some free space, then it should update correctly.

This has been a nightmare.Been working on this for hours. I was sleeping and the computer woke me up because the Windows Update scheduled task kicked on and rebooted multiple times and then went back to sleep. In the morning I logged in and but my taskbar had the constant hour glass and the clock wasn’t updating because explorer was frozen. I booted the box and now when I log in I get a black desktop with a cursor. I have to run apps individually through the Run New Task menu option. This is how I am writing this post. I have tried system restore/ failed, I have tried uninstalling the update/ failed. My main account is a non admin, but if I log in with another account that is an admin I can get the desktop. I’m going to add my normal account to the admin group and see if that helps.

Well adding my normal account to the admin group didn’t help. I am running as the default admin, reluctantly, until either Microsoft acknowledges the problem or I bite the bullet and rebuild.

After the update on my Ryzen system, all games crash after short time, battleeye anti-cheat stops connecting kicking me from game. I can’t even open task manager. Nice job microsoft. I am trying to uninstall the patch and now my computer is just sitting there stuck on 30% “Working on updates”